New brody pix

Two new pix He is my man. Can't wait for summer. So much fun

03/08/2010 8:58AM
New brody pix
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03/08/2010 9:24AM
Michelle B.
You said he was cute... Just thought it was a proud Poppa thing. But he is adorable! Congrats to you and your wife on your addition to your family.
03/08/2010 5:09PM
He is a spitting image of you!! He is to cute!!
03/08/2010 9:10PM
Nicole J
He looks like you.
03/09/2010 10:51PM
crystal s.
too cute. brody is gonna be a lil mac daddy! his cute self
03/10/2010 11:42AM
Aww! he is Adorable!!
03/13/2010 1:08PM
lacy s
he is the cutest baby ever
03/13/2010 4:35PM
aww he is sooo cute (: your my most favorite on Z104 ! i love you shaggy! :) i met you at Greenbrier mall in the food court, with my friend. you signed a mccyd's bag for us.ahah , hope to see you soon ! and can u give me a shout out on monday morning at about 7 or 7:15 ? i listen to Z104 while i am getting ready for school ! :) and i am posting on ur blog cus u said u had only like 2 comments and u need more or sumthing . With love .. - Skylar (:
03/15/2010 9:28PM
What a cute kid, Shaggy. He looks just like you!
03/17/2010 10:11AM
look at that hair-too cute
03/19/2010 2:26PM
I know this is totally irrelevant to this blog, but ever since last night I cannot seem to figure out what song you played at Peabodys. It was while you played those 'jamaican style' songs-- One a man was like ' babababa ' or ' bumbumbumbum ' something of that nature. It was just a repetitive lyric.. Could you help me outt? <3 tnx. && Brody-- he's tooooo adorable.
03/30/2010 7:23AM
he reminds me of my baby brother. He is cute
05/28/2010 12:12PM
ahhhhh.... hes so cute, i just want to eat em up!!!! dont worry i wont!!! lol give nikki and brody my love!!!!
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