Ed Sheeran

WATCH: Ed Sheeran Shows Us Just How Bad of a Singer He Was as a Child

There is officially hope for all of us that aren’t talented singers. In this clip from the BBC, Ed Sheeran shows us just how awful of a singer he was as a child. His voice could shatter a window and make dogs howl from miles away. Yes, it was THAT bad! The clip is from 2014, but it is trending...
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WATCH: 6 Amazing Artists Who Have Covered Adele's Music

Adele turns 29 today, but what could we possibly give the 15-time Grammy award winner to celebrate her birthday? She has given us so many gifts already. So we're giving her the gift of her own music. Yes, we are marking the occasion with some of our favorite artists covering Adele's hit songs...
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WATCH: Ed Sheeran Shot His Own Music Video for 'Galway Girl'

Ed Sheeran ’s latest single, “Galway Girl,” is now a production filmed by himself? The brand new music video stars Saoirse Ronan, a two-time Academy Award nominee who is known for the films Atonement and Brooklyn . We follow Sheeran around as he takes us through his night roaming the streets filled...
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