Where are you from: Lathrop, Missouri
Favorite food: Donuts!! and a nice, juicy filet mignon!
Favorite Beverage: water, milk, kool-aid, kahlua and wine
Favorite movie: Anchorman, Wedding Crashers, Lion King, Mamma Mia
Favorite sport/Favorite Team: Missouri Tigers, Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs
Favorite Store: Sam's Club, for reals
Best Restaurant: Does Krispy Kreme count?
Proudest moment: The obvious cheesy answer: when my babies were born, but I was pretty proud of myself the first time I donated blood
When I'm not working I like to: Sleep and go see movies
If I wasn't in radio I would probably be doing: Working for the American Red Cross
Any pets: Martini, she's our golden lab mix we adopted after we got married
Happiest moment: When Sexy Jim kissed me for the first time...I was SOLD!
Saddest moment: Saying goodbye to family when they visit...sniff sniff!!  
Craziest thing I have ever done: Maybe it was the hang gliding or the bungee jumping or perhaps biting strangers (and celebrities!) in the booty!
Stupidest thing I have ever done: The bus to Ogallala, Nebraska. I was only 17. You don't want to know!
Best smell in the world: A Christmas tree, my babies fresh out of the tub, an outdoor firepit and fresh cut grass!
Worst smell in the world: Another kid's poopy diaper. I'll change MY children's diapers all day long, but whew! Someone else's kid's pooo? Eww.
Favorite word or phrase: I copy all my good lines from the Great Will Ferrell, "son of a nutcracker" or "smiling is my favorite thing" etc!
Least favorite word or phrase: The F word - no, not that one...F-A-R-T  eeeewww!!