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Nick Taylor

Hometown: Detroit, MI
Favorite food: grilled chicken anything
Favorite Beverage: Corona
Favorite movie: the one with that dude from that one show
Favorite sport/Favorite Team: Detroit Red Wings
Favorite Store: ABC store
Best Restaurant: Morton's Steakhouse
Proudest moment: kicking the winning field goal in Super Bowl XXXII
Least proudest moment: every time I watch Jersey Shore
Favorite Music Artist(s): U2, Jay-Z, Tanya Tucker
When I'm not working I like to: collect unemployment
If I wasn't in radio I would probably be doing: interior decorating
Any pets?: Shaggy
Happiest moment: when my fiance accepted my proposal
Saddest moment: realizing I have to get married now
Craziest thing I have ever done: extra strength Tylenol PM
Stupidest thing I have ever done: a hostess at Hooters
Best smell in the world: my fiance's hair
Worst smell in the world: Shaggy's hair
Favorite word or phrase: Yikes!
Least favorite word or phrase: "It is what it is..." Wow. Is it really? So wait...what you're saying here is that it IS...what it IS?? How profound.