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Chris Caliente

Chris Caliente is no stranger to Hampton Roads radio.  She's represented Hampton Roads for 13 years on the air, and enjoyed every minute.  From hosting your favorite charity event to getting the party started at the local night spot she keeps it classy, and CALIENTE!!!  "Listening to the radio has been a hobby since 1989, I love all formats, and enjoy entertaining the masses.  It isn't work when you love what you do, and LOVE THIS!!"  
Chris Caliente is a wife, mother, chef, educater, motivational speaker, and lover of Dalmation dogs!!! "I also love expensive 'lookin' shoes, listening to my 8 year old laugh and speak, my husband's stories, and Scandal!  DO NOT ATTEMPT to reach me during Scandal season, Thursday 10pm." Reach Chris on Twitter https://twitter.com/TheCalienteShow.