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Name: Natalia

Where are you from: NoVa!

Favorite food: Anything really. I love Italian, Indian, Chinese…I’m a FOODIE.

Favorite Beverage: I’m THAT girl! I love Skinny, decaf, Cinnamon Dolce
Lattes from Starbucks! They are like Christmas in a CUP! YUM!

Favorite sport/Favorite Team: Hail to the REDSKINS!!! (I have to support my husband’s favorite team!)

Favorite Store: Target! It’s sad how much time I could spend in that store.

Best Restaurant: It’s a toss up! I love Havana’s but I also adore Luna Maya. Both spots are amazing!

Proudest moment: When I became a mother to my sons, Joseph and Roman.

Favorite Music Artist(s): Adele, The Civil Wars, Rihanna, Jay-Z…the list could go on and on.

When I'm not working I like to: Head to the beach! Hang with family and friends. Shop…sleep (which is rare these days with 2 kids!)

If I wasn't in radio I would probably be doing:
Working with kids that have Pediatric Cancer or help raising funds for research towards Childhood Cancer.

Any pets: Moose, our Golden Retriever, Nala, our peke-a-poo and Snoopy the cat! We basically have a mini zoo.

Happiest moment: Marrying my husband- fire fighter Joe! 5/9/09

Saddest moment: Losing my Aunt Mary to Ovarian Cancer.

Stupidest thing I have ever done: Back in high school, I was backing the car out of the garage and I hit the rearview mirror off! I decided to super glue it back on so my parents wouldn’t find out…yeah, that didn’t really work.

Best smell in the world: Capri Blue, Aloha Orchid candles are my absolute favorite!