Phone Scams



Moms super sexxxy Halloween costume

Senseless Survey 3

Shaggy and the very demanding concert rider

Tricia scams Redskins fan as Cowboys cheerleader

Willy Wonka and McDonalds Monopoly

Karrington scams Mike Klein

Shaggy invites himself to the Labor Day office pool party

  Nick buys a Barbie dream house

  Tricia Moves Becky's Wedding Reception Outdoors

  Happy Puppy Puppy Chow

  Nick pranks Cracker Barrel

  Shag makes reservations at Rallys

  Tricia vs the bad teacher

  Revenge on Caleb
  Devin Stripper 16 year old Birthday

  Band Singer

  Tricia and the make up guy.
  You cannot take Granny's iron away!

  70 year old stripper
  Dad wins a hip hop party
  Creepy roomate
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