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Dirty Work Wednesday's

Help us help YOU!
If there's something you're too embarrassed, too angry or too nervous to tell someone else something...we'll call them for you!
Let us do the Dirty Work FOR you!
Every Wednesday at 8:00am, we call someone's boss or someone's husband or someone's best friend or even roommate and give them the bad news (or good news!) that they're too uncomfortable with doing.
You NEVER know how it will turn out, so you HAVE to stick around for part two, when we make the call!!

Want to hear what we have done in the past?

  Lacey and Chris

Steve and Jennifer the mysterious woman hook up

Andy, Lisa, and the mysterious number written on her hand

Mindy and Craig the man who wont divorce

  Billy gets propositioned by buddy Gregs wife

  Kristen the babysitter, Sandy, and Dan

  Heidi, Nate the office playa, and the practical joke

  Pranking the douchebag dentist

  Sharing is Caring

  Good luck at the coochie doctor

  Gwen tries to stop David from marrying Danielle

  Lindsay, Jeremy the BF, and Anna the BFF

  Melanie and Darren the guy who wont hang out with family

  Cara, Greg the bartender, and Stephanie the new waitress

  Bianca Caleb and the Girlfriend Revenge Videos.
  Elena the noisy sex neighbor and Julie the babysitter
  Janelle Kenny and the Facetime Mistress
  Nina, Charles.... and the mysterious engagement ring.
  We officialy had a 5 stage clinger! This chick was NUTZ!
  The secret contest.... Hmmmmm.

  Catfish Trend? Yup, we got it here at the Zoo. Listen to it here!
  She thought she was texting.... well, you just have to listen!
  I need you to talk to my boss! I just need a few hours off to see my son play in his baseball game.
  This SKANK works with my boyfriend! She needs to leave him alone!
  My boss sleeps with his employees, records it, and shows it to other people!
   Help me STOP a marriage proposal! She should be with Bobby.
   My boss calls me names (like idiot and moron) in front of other people. Hear how the Z Morning Zoo gets him GOOD!

What do YOU need us to do for Dirty Work Wednesday? Tell us!