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Hooray for SNOW!

I woke up around 3am this morning & couldn't help but act like a little kid and look out the window...YES! SNOW! It looked so peaceful falling from the night sky. My little dudes were up EARLY & READY to go play in the snow! It was so precious! Joseph, my oldest son came running out of his room to announce that there was snow on the ground. He made sure to wake up his brother to tell him the news too. I MADE them eat breakfast before they headed outside...they were out there for a good 40 minutes this morning having a BLAST. The were able to have a fun snowball fight with Daddy & they also made a very small snowman! So sweet. Here's a picture from this morning...
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Best Prank Ever...

Or would you kill your husband? It looks like a TON of fun to me...but I would hope that the people who delivered the balls would also clean them up!!! Check it out...

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The Perks of being Straightforward...

I may start striving to be like this girl...

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This is TOTALLY ME...

After watching a scary movie! LOCK the DOORS! Close the shades! Yep...I might slightly be paranoid AND crazy!

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Puppy rides the bus ALONE...

to get to the dog park without her master! SO cute! Watch the video for yourself!

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Every 2015 Golden Globes Gowns...

Did you miss last night or not catch all the ladies rocking the red carpet?! Here they all are! My favorites include J.Lo, Reese Witherspoon & Chrissy Teigen...it must be something with the white/silver for me!

Check them out HERE!
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If I had created a Christmas card this past holiday

I would've used this picture! One of my favorite pics from the holiday! Xoxo. Hope you're having a good Tuesday!
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Civilians Try Military Food...

I am SO thankful for our military & all they do! The sacrifice that they make for this country...I am eternally grateful for!! If you want to check out civilians trying military food for the first time...see below. (Warning: One of the guys uses a bad word during the video! May not be safe for work!)

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I actually stuck to my New Year's Resolution...

When I rang in 2014 I made a promise to myself that I would lose weight. I was tired all the time...my back hurt...I was having a hard time keeping up with the boys...I was having a hard time fitting into my clothes. I wore baggy shirts all the time. I didn't feel good about myself. Simply put- it was time for change & I was ready for it. So as I embarked into 2014 I made a resolution to take better care of myself. For my sanity, for my boys, for my health. I am excited to say that I stuck to that resolution. I honestly think that's the very FIRST time I've kept a resoultion for a year. I was165lbs (I'm 5'7) and this was me back in December of 2013...

I've managed to shed over 40lbs over the year. I feel renewed. I feel like a new woman. I am proud of myself. I have more energy...and I am learning more about myself as each day passes. Can I tell you how much I LOVE www.skinnytaste.com? That's where I found a lot of my recipes to help me on my new journey! My Mom bought the cookbook for me for Christmas & so far I'm loving the recipes I have found in there.

Some of my resolutions for this new year include keeping up with my health...but here are some things that I resolved for 2015:

-No More Negativity! I am shedding toxic & negative thoughts, people, etc. There's no room for it. Life is too short.
-No More Second Guessing Myself: As a Mom, as a manager, as a friend, as a spouse. I am determind to be confident in my choices & decisions.
-Head Back To Church.
-Get physical! I am blessed with the ability to walk, move, run, etc. Why not actually do some physical activity? That's something I take for granted daily!
-Spread love. We are all fighting some unseen battle. This world needs more love...and I am ready to spread it around!

Ok, I am done on my little soap box! I hope that you are able to keep up with your resolutions or goals. 2015 WILL be your year! Believe it!
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Totally have a girl crush on Taylor Swift...

So I kinda watched this video a few times. Random facts about Tay Tay...enjoy!

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