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Mike Klien



Puppies make me happppyyyyyy!!!

Check out these cute little fluffy pups getting into some mischief!

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What the world eats in a day...

Check it out! It's pretty neat!

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11 Struggles of Pregnant Women

Been there...done that!

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This is SO me!

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Humans Learn To Catch Food In Their...

Mouths! This is too funny!

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Friend Fights...

20's vs. 30's....so HILARIOUS & TRUE! NSFW due to the lingo...

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If you need a little laugh today...

Check out this BIZARRE prom photos!!!!

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This is what plastic surgery looks like

Ohhhh how different they look NOW!

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Dudes try complimenting each other...

and it is hilarious AND awkward! I love it. Check it out...and happy Monday!

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13 Guilty Kids

My boys recently did this with diaper cream. I had gone to unload the dishwasher to come back to them both smeared in cream. ALL. OVER. THEM. ALL. OVER. THE. ROOM! I asked who was respsonsible for the mess & they both pointed at each other. It was hard to be upset with them because they were too cute. Check out some of these little mischevious ones!

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