Phone Scams

Listeners write in or call in the Z Morning Zoo and ask them to prank call someone they know. The prank calls can be anywhere from kids trying to prank their parents to employees trying to prank call their bosses.

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Phone Scam Geek Squad

Friday, February 10th
Jason just started his first week at Best Buy as part of the "Geek Squad" that repairs computers. Too bad he got a call from the crankiest old man alive, Frank...

Phone Scam the holiday lights

Friday, February 3rd
Dave is already SICK AND TIRED of his neighbor's holiday light display staying up an ENTIRE MONTH after Christmas...he probably doesn't want to help pay their...

Phone Scam the racecar bed

Friday, January 20th
The Zoo drives a woman CRAZY while asking about the "racecar bed" she has for sale on Craigslist...

Phone Scam the Trump supporter

Friday, January 20th
Even if you voted for President Trump, you'll STILL find this phone scam pretty funny! Find out what happens when one supporter finds out his "campaign...

Phone Scam the animal rescue commercials

Friday, January 20th
You know those incredibly SAD animal rescue commercials that play on TV and completely RUIN YOUR WHOLE DAY? Well what if they started CALLING you at work?