Dirty Work Wednesday

Call the Z Morning Zoo on Wednesdays and tell the Zoo what dirty work you want them to do for you! Whether it is telling someone you have had a crush on them for years or telling someone you are interested in someone else. Let them do the dirty work for you!

Dirty Work Wednesday recipient to get $25 gift card and Dirty Buffalo T-Shirt -"Do your taste buds a favor and Eat Dirty". 

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DWW Julie and Dale the brother in law

Friday, June 2nd
Julie is worried about her brother in law Dale. He just got out of a long relationship, and now his new brand new girlfriend is completely WRONG for him! And...

DWW Amy Gary and Laura the other mom

Friday, May 26th
Amy's 4-year old daughter Grace said that she saw her daddy kissing her friend Maddie's mom! WHAT!?? But is she telling the truth? Or is this another one of...