Dirty Work Wednesday

Call the Z Morning Zoo on Wednesdays and tell the Zoo what dirty work you want them to do for you! Whether it is telling someone you have had a crush on them for years or telling someone you are interested in someone else. Let them do the dirty work for you!

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DWW Dennis and the miscellaneous file

Friday, February 10th
Dennis is freaking out because his old laptop now belongs to his fiancee's father. Will his soon to be father-in-law find out what he forgot to delete from the...

DWW Ray the ex wife and the surprise

Friday, January 20th
It's not bad enough that Ray's ex-wife Carla is seeing someone else behind his back...wait til you hear WHO she's seeing!!

DWW Kendra and Chris and the New Years no show

Friday, January 20th
Kendra was looking forward to spending New Year's Eve with Chris...until he pulled a TOTAL NO-SHOW on her! But was it because he was spending NYE with somebody...