WOTR Skyler and Danny the Assistant Manager

Friday, March 10th

Skyler's boyfriend Danny suddenly doesn't have time for her anymore because of work. But is it REALLY because of work? Or is there something ELSE occupying his time...?


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Lowe's is a red violets are when she won't lose and you can't. Choose you and war of the roses is changing. And any stories now and you die as war of the roses and we're helping out business guy you learn this morning and. So let's talk about. And how long have you guys been together. Like a little every year OK and he is he a miniature or assistant manager. He'd be a good manager and okay for a very popular phone company that may or may not mean named after it exact. So we're not gonna say he's. It's like to. Eat that. So the reason we bring this up is because of what you say your emails or explain everyone what's been going on with doing DNA linking. He's a big. Lead police are started dating means literally slice or I'll I might. Pretty much every single day and like I already had it closed the door which was you know pretty latency that background check and let your eggs. OK I like I'll you know I'll I don't worry about it it's like Mariano why did you speak on that once seen as highly always mega cap and OK but lately cheat just. Well right so late. Just about a month ago she she's including like ice Saturday and I check Jim in Italy Haiti locking up. And then he bet our house to close. To midnight. So all of a signal takes longer to close. I. Win he used to tell you before like all be done by ten. Lake was seen assistant manager Dan or just a regular worker could he be the assistant manager you've got to close to draw our you've got to probably take the night we know. To that game. Now and I. Like last Friday as accurate as I m.s and muddy and not meet like it or anything red planet if he's hungry and I got there. It started completely close it felt like and he was not anywhere on a car. Carly he's asked. You ask him where he. Yeah quite rightly expects and I I'll just you know what you saudis are as quick note that I'm okay. OK so what do you think is going on he's closing and then maybe going out after the meet somebody. I only now I am getting nervous but I'd I'd like Adam's image that. Okay we'll let's see if we can find out what's going on the little war of the roses here we're gonna give him opportunities and someone a dozen roses. And he can than anybody he wants Hillary to get to hear who he chooses and what he puts on the cart okay. Time for the two questions we ask everywhere there is bridges that question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. Okay and question two how certain are you that when you get cease flowers he can you choose you descend entail. I mean. Well yeah I was Italy how many times we've heard being. That same assumption so all right let's see what happens. Yeah a. I. The lighting and kind to speak to they being ill and please. Are being. Writing Danielle my name's Ashley and calling for an aid brand new floral delivery service cloud floral designs dot com Harry eating today. Did you. And thinks are asking. Says they reason I'm calling is because we're and brain new company. And we're trying to get the word out about ourselves have you ever heard of rest before. On the so called in a flat designs dot com. Hanging now thanks up. Well basically we're like an online flower shop and right now we're offering v.s sat in MasterCard customers. A one time free trial of her service like black introductory offer. Still basically it's your opera Cheney tees or service and send some flowers to anybody won and it's all completely free. Now does that sound links and they need be NIS ten. And you know let you head knocking I have heard you guys yeah. Well that's good I considered trying to spread the word out of tire companies said he wanted to get this track it's absolutely free. Yeah yes yeah yeah definitely I'm. They said the first thing we need is the name of the person that he'd like to send the flowers to him. Idea that'd be Renee name. And Cain and flash is at least and they come with a cart attached so what would you like to put on the card. All right and some interest again own. A dead yet that does dampen down. Think spread 36 inch or worship you beat date in May. The card out. Still I'm guessing that she. Definitely inside you consume kind. I have yet yet not Hewitt said the subway were so I definitely feel like every day you don't. I'll pay she gave me Jeffrey semites. She actually she give me a ton of free stuff. Skiing and now I used any or flash that's pretty CN view I mean you know they say all the time Milli on man's heart is through stomach. Yeah I mean his work in and you don't see. Did that's nice and that has your girlfriend sky where she met you. Let you know I was just wondering if sky Blair met her yet. Poland you know it's got that. Well she cut a deal. Actually and she's been listening to less the whole time. Yeah. Your link to meet what it looked to meet at left tackle the world that he's let that we dug in about. It nearly rules and. Take advantage of it and you'll get beat you do so deep into the. It light. Out. You. Know yeah yeah and out. It. Well no god know literally the whole thing that we talked to me tell you the incredible devastation of birds could put another dude you must have a patient. And request an aunt and let it can't wait till you ladies and what you'll wish. You reap what where and doll. Oh. Does joking well yeah. They can't act. At right now but I look online no don't you know what don't you glad you eat don't you got.