WOTR Kristi and Rich her sisters husband

Friday, February 3rd

Kristi has always liked her sister's husband Rich, she just never TRUSTED him. She's about to find out her gut instinct was RIGHT...


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Flows as a red. Start when as soon as soon as you can't. Choose. And it starts now. You know this you can always hear of the old war of the roses and no dirty works and all that online music while we're dot com or on the he went for business or we put forward them. Palmer I'm not crazy this morning hello Chris say hey guys so this war of the roses is a little different tell everybody who are open to the test today. What kind of I had command center Andris okay to your sister's husband what is your sister's name. Out okay and your email he said that from day one you never really liked rich. You know I mean I like that mimics a slightly I at all they never trusted him. OK and so what's going on with him in your sister drew. Com now that I was talking about how they just had a six I words are constantly argue and lately he just like eating how black tiles are wary when it's. Okay and you think you have a reasonably peace cheating. Well I don't pressure bank of China thousands had told me she got she saw him out another woman. And have you talked that you're seeing Sarah and now all of this means like and he tried telling her hey I think he she nine year old. China she's not like me elation not a very confrontational person parachute that I just did I had problems. And you told that they go way out and actually these and. So I had them on like I have. So do you think she would approve of you getting all their business like this. And that. Right now there are anti eating at me good morning I doubt I'll get back I would rather have had a duty and then not tell her husband. OK so what we'll do is we'll call that rich Wofford and some free roses descending anyone he wants and then you're gonna get to hear who he picks. Now I'm gonna remind you that he also gets to fill out a card and you're gonna want a week. -- fills that out I would hate for him to pick someone else and they had you jumping in on it and just find out it's like a gift for his gardener or the babysitters or something. Right time for the two questions we ask everywhere the roses bridges in question one are you sure you want all this on the year. Question TO how certain are you that we get cease free flowers he's gonna pick Allison descend into and not somebody else. Yep his case had actually our let's see that he does. Yeah. A. Good morning and kindness ETA Richard please. Yet stretch doing stuff I'm calling each day from flooding signs dot com Americans knew this online flower shop pie eating today. And it. Settle first line calling to get decent free stats but also asked if he'd ever heard of nine cents or designs dot com before. So flood designs dot com. There. Well basically where hey Neil online flatter shot sending next time need to ordered flowers for anybody it is the whole thing online without ever having to step into the flower shop where paid delivery fees. And we're trying to spread the word out about her companies and what retailing is offering new customers one free order on class EE mark familiar with our service. Think anybody like to send a gorgeous thinking and flattery seems for absolutely free. Yeah anyone I would like ours. Not yet sure against. I think now this thing going to cost you any pain Dionte Delaney clubs or even order from last ever again in the future. We sent that you're still happy with this one time free child that she has next time he needs flash it's okay. Okay do I get to pick what kind of flowers. Well Fred introductory offer it's just to raise is that I promise you it's a gorgeous and KV they're ramming take. Up residence. The pig it's still huge like justice in the east free flowers T today. Let's go to the name. And they're gonna come with a cart is there anything you want us to put on the card field. Yeah short go ahead and quit. Barbados is less than a month away and yes we are going to would help each you. I. Out side. And and. Because. Hello Peter I mean here. It wasn't what I please do what's going on right now. I'm sure I can you get rich. On this isn't a flower company it is actually a busy morning G radio show won 04 and right now. You're on war of the roses we actually have your sister in law Christiane let us. And you can see bodies do not think and not much else about it a big teaching golf. So what every you know what did you edit manager and maybe you wouldn't be so changed in your sisters of lice that you get could be just a great. You got into Ogden back out and recurrence. You can tell her what you want okay she's not totally on terror. Thank all night everything instantly to meet its trucks in Egypt and you the teller what ever you want an all the teller did underlying health. Well actually here's the problem with that. We we have you on tape right now only you saying. This but also everything apple she just said about how you're gonna deny it all you just kind of incriminating yourself. You're about Matt. You'd catch you can't play my boys elected and you permission. Actually I can play it I can replay it I can turn it into a kickass club re mix called going to Barbados the topless beach remixes. Yeah you know. You are. One presumes it's.