WOTR Jordan and Marcus the Sort Of Boyfriend

Friday, March 10th

Jordan is ready to ask her "sort-of" boyfriend Marcus for the whole 9 yards- a relationship. But first she wants to see if he'll pass this little test...


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Lowe's is a red violets are blue I'm Wednesday mornings and you've had better choose you love. And it's Dicey now. Let's get to war of the roses here and we're welcoming your game this week James Jordan Hall ever they left where you were named after Michael Jordan. I had no but everybody asks back. Mean masters at bikini show my mom said there was like a TV show about a growing your red. OK that sounds familiar okay. Let's get down to business now who are recalling today. We are calling my guess. Is Marcus. My guess and I have been dating and Blake the late last year. And we're not really in that relationship yet. Actually we both kind of dated other people while we were at each other but I'm trying to she could in Thailand and that. Okay and then so and it like having just beat UN him. Yet so relationship. That. Yes and you send your email that he's kind of player. Yeah any. He's definitely needed more people than me which is totally I'm like I say we are not currently. Well that gets sell. We know he's dating other people besides you why are we putting him to the task and you think you already know there's other people. I'm I think because I'm ready dad asked him if she wants to be any commitment we need to act. But why do that I guess they just wanted to evacuated. Passed this subtle at strip he now. Okay I can actually hear people yelling at their car radios right now it has been more than three months and he's not any commitment now it's never gonna happen in. And I told me last week that I wouldn't ask friends and we have on the other dust down so I mean. He had a relationship is the opening match. Okay by by U city of the other set down by relatives do you mean. Thus the heat evenly. Yeah. It. I OK I could see what happens humor any given the opportunity to send somebody a dozen roses and of course you're gonna get here who he chooses and what he puts on the card okay. Right time for the few questions we ask everywhere the roses Purdue is in question one are you sure you want all of this on the air. Okay and question two how certain are you the immediate cease flowers he can choose you to send them to go. Now I'm ready yeah okay so if he does pick you you're gonna ask him to be your boy very end. Yeah Chinese. Will you miss is we do right now we you do it on our shell. Shatter a column okay well fingers crossed here a hum well not is to create relationships are there other cousins. Ending them let's see what happens. Yeah yeah. Up. And kindness and markets and artists might act it's Manny actually I'm calling from that reunions loud delivery Savvis cloud on designs act and are you today. I'm good thanks. I'm calling Ian is geek and grabbed bringing your company. And are trying to get the word out about ourselves and our offering visa and MasterCard customers a one time free trial of our service. Kind of like that introductory offer so basically it's you're offered Cheney to use our sadness and in the month Larry's anybody you want and it's all completely free. Now does that sound like something he'd be NSA then. A total cost of in fact you don't even have to like finance and membership and our club her or any pain don't even have to use our service every again if you don't like to. We just helped me feel happy that I ask that you achieved this again in the future. They sent it eat at you like to send him raises teen for absolutely free. Yeah. Sure why don't take what is the name of the person that he'd like to see in the fires. Actually have a question. When a person get some flowers will they notice from me or is it going to be like they got Florida out of blue or something. Now they're getting no there there from you because there's a card you actually fill out or if you want leaking keep that completely anonymous it's totally Optiem. Our daughter and me so. Any is this her like he's getting he's raising his. Her name is shin in and look at it and it can't hurt that. Hello. I love you ask for not making me play yet. Who wins this. Sort it and it could not take you needed and the flowers to get you got more important girls in your life. What the hell are you doing on the phone. Yes. It off hey listen did this isn't actually a flower company he. Visit busy morning zoo radio show and right now you're on war of the roses. OK we got Jordan on the other line. I think she was hoping you were gonna choose her instincts and flower yeah. I get that would pretty heated race. Where you yeah flowered you can apply our. Market he received and if it means our. On the whole Expos and know that. Only in whenever and for making until you can call me anymore. Baldness. I think jordin just hung up markets can ask you some of them. L sat do you feel like there's a party VG that loves jordin. And loads Jordan. And now let certain thing of voter. Okay with you via her relationship with her. And they're not really looking for relationship right now and vision no you know that. So if she didn't wanna see you anymore how would that make you feel. I mean. Honestly yeah already being too many girls so all I'm sick you could say you wouldn't feel that bad. Well I mean. You know I'm not happy about this I'll be ERA. So that's good that I won't lose any sleep over yeah okay great and then. One BC news wall oracle rose.