Phone Scam the holiday lights

Friday, February 3rd

Dave is already SICK AND TIRED of his neighbor's holiday light display staying up an ENTIRE MONTH after Christmas...he probably doesn't want to help pay their power bill...


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I'm Emily are recorded it's being careful answering that call eight dvd another's feelings. It is now. I don't know who. I can't speak to date and these. It eight days this is said Richard Ross some Collins in the neighborhood association. Are you familiar or maybe even friends with Bob and Cheryl. Yeah I. OK I don't know if you've seen it but they put on a whopper of a light display for the holidays this year. Yeah aren't familiar with them. I only went to street. Okay great. So listen what we're all trying to deal is kind of a collection to help them pay for their power bill. Yeah yeah. Yeah buddy. Yet most wanna do that yeah yeah most people in the neighborhood kicking in like fifty bucks to ourselves. Why. Well I mean they've brought so much Julie everybody with that display we're just trying to give back. Still if everybody kicks in like fifty bucks yourself. All men I have not to Kenya. Are you know what to call the one once they get their front yard couldn't take it gold like now any time they wanna do. Don't part of my giving them up you're an idiot and idea comedy card blocked our driveway every night to look at old bad thing. Okay OTC you don't like Christmas Day. I've loved Christmas is my sport it's likely do little or the bill. But I liked it and it caused the war. May be realistic ultimately hold up here tonight yet we think you'll like we'd get equipment we don't know what hit them. With a critical eye or. Well as far as I know they they can afford it we just wanted to help them out because they know every spring they take a trip to the Bahamas and we thought this money would help. But they're light bill so they can see my the rest of their money for the. That you're talking about can't beat people think of the freedom. And. Well bill we're trying to pay for the light city can use to rest of their money for the Bahamas. You've got and Abbott. Bill. Yes they can't what we're just trying to see think Q. But to her art and I bought my driveway people. Attract a lot it will actually. Our our dividends Greg yeah. Okay RBC I touched a nerve here and I apologize I guess they forgot that not all people are Christie's people. Rick bird Parker and equipment. Although. I am prepared. To meet people and it don't mean. The lady that did not want but go. We're not all of its going for their Christmas lights were also doing a fund raiser for their eastern light display. Yet they're setting up in eastern light display this year in March it's gonna be at Easter wonderland with a giant bunny. Any huge glow in the dark crossed it has a disappearing Jesus on. I mean you are you joking right now. Actually today. Actually we urge okay this is the neighbor association is actually busy morning zoo radio show you discount on scams. All all you. Weekend she's you came over we're like where in the hell did take in the lights down. Compare it long enough but clearly believe that month after Chris Long what I'm not trying to be it here.