Phone Scam Geek Squad

Friday, February 10th

Jason just started his first week at Best Buy as part of the "Geek Squad" that repairs computers. Too bad he got a call from the crankiest old man alive, Frank Kaminski...


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Recorded and he cheerfully answering that call eight couldn't eat another busy doing. Owners have. Well spoken people for bad reasons sometimes for good reasons and I think is Jason is his name is fiance told us he just got new job this week they started and that's why you know he works for the geeks goal line all can be legislature computers and issues like the biggest person could be a lot more memorable if you guys both came on during his first week so we dating here's what it sounded like and. But didn't run an open have you. Get crazy about quite compute here. Are carried out between Serbia and its breed cease create c.'s Jimmy and ski. Okay princess what can answer or you. Agree sang just got a number of child aged easy field out. Did you went tags hanging out when these loser friends smoke and a Wiki too bad yet gears do you weigh eighty. And he's scream like some of this stuff deviated needs dorm room. Now I get these computer. Like she did did you did do a search. Open. You know like China computer it is. Don't expect K ten KG Jeter had maybe seven Japanese motors CEO or did she big GI. You know. Okay obsolete said you're having trouble turning it on a round. Does have a power source is it plug being. Eating Smart is the enemy is my charity charity now. I'd elect Joseph Mullen if it did give Dick starts Princeton is known they don't give a good. Bruce Simpson. Okay what do you just bring it down years I can take a look at it in person can you bring you can't. It's cheap and pretty rare. Okay we'll only can actually set up a service deployment in your only take all sticky Healy Sig other pegging here. But gates. And charity ride. Looking incomes and pain no gain anything didn't count down key New Year's Day. This green lights these starts counting down. Here goes to a dream dream truly need shoes. Before you Lorraine what's it doing serious time. Hello I'm not sure I need you started screaming. I sit. I'm excited to start seeing big cat very genial Gloria or gene they're seeing. I what do you see on the screen right now. Saves you. Back. Thank you. Suited Jesus in heaven there was a close when they match. Hey. Yeah right down to three days jag. Yeah did. Why don't sit you have about ads give oh bless you know what each other Biden senator computer floor. Okay sir what are we to come to your house and we can interest you in. Don't enjoy CA here Reid of QU a YMCA's peaked yet one saves popcorn. Hears it. Like it's his deference. Period or are adept tourists. Where are you reading from. Okay how big your computer. Isn't these guys have narrowed TV set. Okay absurd that's not a computer that's a microwave. You know it using a computer right now you're using a Michael insert. Yeah it. So I figure Berman normal computer drive did you like why if I ain't her microwave. No it's not a microwaves computer it's a microwave oven you have a microwave oven your home in your kitchen maybe. I never read KG yeah. Yeah so and so we can work I've been Brenda microwave computer. No. Sir. The computer that you have the one that looks like TV says that's no computer at all. It's a small permanent called the microwave you cook sings in it. He just looked up to our new computer today. You don't have a new computer you you have an old microwave here check back icy gaze still eating gay zig. That. And then can I would not a computer okay. Sweet Jesus it's countdown again. You know I'm not here. OK you guys have a nice day.