DWW Missy,James,and the Mysterious Stain

Friday, March 10th

Missy came home to find her boyfriend James was washing the bed sheets, which he hasn't volunteered to do EVER in the 2 years they've lived together. So why was he so eager to get those bed sheets washed??


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Okay. I handled the problem is the ideal mild 473104. Point. I didn't I thought that taste but a lot of Red Bull Red Bull and I'm so glad I was told us. Dirty work he's done here at 473104. Point five might possess. And hate and missing what can we do for in this dirty work Wednesday. Well I need your help isn't leisure time is being kept from the back of our friends. Moved OK who's the boyfriend's. Thank appointment eighteen. We've been together for about eight years. Okay yeah and. We worked hard today. Like usually we're pretty normal hours are. During the week that week don't. Each other but it was just weird she yelled yeah I got killed last week on Friday actually got a little bit early which need to get that didn't get it for you got an and I was excited. I get home and I started to better handle it changed. And I don't know she'd been attacked. I'm Mike. Strength issues and need it and coming only adds to the laundry the right side flashy normally I would say wow what a great guy. I'm now actually she's. Right youngster scores but the white thought about it. Over two years and I limited and and hit ever ones are and security slash machines. Ever ever ever hey he would want someone did get a lot about your towel. I have to do all of it. Yet that's the same way in our house Nicole always does that again same way that I see it and I never wash the sheets. Kyle would probably sleep in dirty sheets for ever. I'm. Wondering in light that it be NG right. And later when he is on my note did he put it a seat on a night out and a lot of Serbia church. I can't have a peak and I get attacked aren't happy to go below up quite. Quite. Susan euros CD about it I got to. Right I get to see god and I checked back on the right way. And that's when I don't hate. You lately you know that's why. I hate it. Oh. So I even ask what kind of staying here are we. And dangerous material at this. Ninety. Cabinet but did you completely not gross out everywhere to be so we've had eaten away. I don't include. I did and usually I get crying. Okay. Other thing I'm thinking it was a sexual staying. But I. Well. It yet and an eight would you be 80. Yeah definitely Latin for like a paper. Ours is there any chance they could have been what may be a nose bleed or maybe he cut himself she being in the and we did better yeah. Get a little part of history when you put back on that bank the right way which we always want to feed it in a location where. Say what they can't play. Can you bring up one course but it doesn't take out. This I thought I you know I wanna do that. Okay and you're sure this scene is I don't. I. Now. So any thing to James about it like did you bring him in the grid and pulling at the stain and the like stick to it thanks. I don't I guess that's that's. It's a drag it I think Colin and his nose at it goes in a battle. I. Doubt that imagined it. And I'm still kind of hoping that there's commentary that's happening and if need be I'm not thinking out yeah. Okay why we do that's why we call James and tell him that were his least favorite morning show Scott you the blown. And what we're doing is saying that I'm most embarrassing things to happen in bad. What will will tell somebody called and if he can guess who it is to win a pride thing to trip or something but. What we'll do personal touch the story behind the mysterious stain on him to see what he says caused it. So he's answered either gonna be I'm too it's not my girlfriend calling and I was eating ice cream a decade in fell asleep. Our I don't know who are or it's going to be something when he wore seat yeah. Yeah. I guess we did James please. It. James is is this guy out of the bulls voice over that does not need your hope for the most amusing how are you today. Oh man you hear what he got. Some got a great cop. About right now for a trip for two to Vegas but you could win solicit we have a bit of a challenge for you this morning. I goes Christie will rutelli all about it and wanna turn this morning called the Madison embarrassed. Dana has. Did you meet in eighth and we just took a call from a purse singing and they re well yeah I would say you know this person incident leeway. Yeah and told one next sea bed sheets sorry James but. Now it is that it Morgan. Have you identify this person for a the trooper to the Las Vegas but here's two conditions now you've got to first of all you got to identify the persons day bright and second you have to tell us. How this embarrassing moment happened abuse stories match the US the best story of the day and you are off to baggage. Yeah you know yes. OK so a person who told you definitely brandy. And so when it happened was. I mean. We want ECB had sexy but it wasn't the best time. You are incredibly stupid. It's always walk congratulate you and your money yeah it was Google. Yeah I'm evacuated. Oh immediately what else you want he's got it you want a new place to live. What we wouldn't bite to eat and you have until this weekend to get your dirty out of here oh hold on hold on with what's going on right now. Soggy I don't she did not even a little different from work if you don't live with parents to keep watching you weight on my head or not she. Would a parent an appreciation to well so good without. You try to keep on somebody trying to do it during that time and must okay.