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Buzzfeed put together a list of the hardest "Would You Rather?" questions, and most of them don't make sense.  But here are nine of the best ones. Click HERE 

A Fleshlight Launchpad attachment allows "sex with iPad" .. WTF?! Check it out HERE

A Congressional Candidate in Oklahoma Is Contesting the Primary Results . . . Because He Says His Opponent Is a Body Double or a Robot? Check it out HERE 

BILL CLINTON'S incredible popularity has proved that Americans are pretty forgiving when it comes to a politician's perverted escapades.  24-year-old Jordan D. Haskins of Saginaw, Michigan is about to test the limits.. Check out what this guy did that ende him up in jail MULTIPLE TIMES HERE 

Facebook just keeps getting more and more evil.  We THOUGHT we'd reached a point where there was nothing shady they could do to surprise us . . . but somehow they've managed to top their own shadiness again. Check it out HERE 

There's a restaurant in Texas that's trying to take away the annoyance of tipping . . . and help charity in the process.  The restaurant pays its servers a good hourly wage, so they don't have to rely on tips . . . and if customers DO tip, the money is donated to charity. Get the full story HERE 
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When 35-year-old Martin Eldridge of Columbus, Ohio started stealing people's air conditioners last summer, he probably figured the worst case scenario was that he'd get caught and face some general theft charges. He figured wrong.  During his air conditioner stealing spree, Martin accidentally was committing a FEDERAL CRIME. Check out the full story HERE 

A guy robs a bar... and someone breaks into HIS car while he's inside! Get the full story HERE

Supposedly there's a new trend in wedding photos where the bridesmaids lift up their dresses and show some butt cheek.  We're not sure it's ACTUALLY a trend, or just a few photos online . . . but we're hoping it's the former.Check out the story and pics HERE 

Two guys bought a Powerball ticket in New Jersey last year that won a million dollars.  But when they checked the Powerball website right after the drawing, it hadn't updated . . . so they thought they lost and threw the ticket away.  Now they're suing for the $1 million!! Get the full story HERE

According to a new survey from Career Builder, 43% of employers now check social media like Facebook and Twitter before they decide to hire you.  Here are the ten things that are most likely to get you rejected. Click HERE for the list
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The most effective PSA I've ever seen
This is a PSA with one simple message: if kids find stuff, they will play with it, even if they have no idea what it is.


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The "Hollywood Reporter" recently surveyed over 2,000 Hollywood industry types . . . agents, directors, producers, and studio executives . . . to assemble a list of "Hollywood's 100 Favorite Films" of All Time. Check out the list HERE 

We're all addicted to SOMETHING.  A new survey asked 2,000 people about some everyday addictions, to see what we're hooked on without even realizing it.  Check out the results HERE 
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Every time you eat fast food, you're being TRICKED into buying more than you should.  They really put a lot of thought into it.  Here's a list of some of the biggest ways they get you to spend extra money. Click HERE 

A woman was just banned from the Memphis Zoo in Memphis, Tennessee . . . and that's definitely the best outcome she could've hoped for here, since the more LIKELY outcome was DEATH. Find out why she was banned by clicking HERE 

Facebook just keeps finding new ways to take down idiot criminals... here's the most recent story. CLICK HERE 
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Have you seen this video of dad dancing with his daughter??
This video is pretty powerful. It's a dad dancing with his daughter, who was born with a debilitating disease. They have a website dedicated to her at

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If you want to get a lot of looks at the pool this summer, there's a website that sells something called the "TaTa Top" . . . which is a skin-toned bikini top with NIPPLES!! Check it out HERE 

Remember the little girl with the facial injuries who supposedly got kicked out of KFC because of scars on her face?  Supposedly her family made the story up to get money for her medical expenses! Get the FULL story HERE 
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Not all celebrities have had nice, entitled upbringings with smooth, easy paths to fame.  Some had to battle some rough family backgrounds.  HERE are a few of them

12-year-old boys tend to be dirty LIARS.  At least this one had a reason most of us can RELATE to.. get the full story HERE 

There's finally someone out there who WANTS you to send them photos of your junk.  About damn time, right? Check out the app HERE 

It's easier to walk around these days assuming EVERYONE'S got a gun.  Because when you assume people DON'T, stuff like THIS happens. 

Two prisoners had an not so brillant idea to get themselves out of prison...  And despite a pretty bold plan, they're not getting out anytime soon. Check out what they did HERE   
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The police in Stockton, California did a sweep for felons who illegally owned guns on Wednesday . . . and in the process, they've accidentally made the ladies go crazy... by posting this photo of Jeremy Meeks. HERE is the news story HERE is the facebook post the police posted and below is his MUGSHOT!

Have you been Yo'd yet?! Check out the ridiculously simple app that everyone is downloading HERE

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Say hellllo to the new G-STRING ladies


Are you SICK of wearing those thongs and G-strings because they're just too bulky, TOO conservative, and cover you up too much?! HERES YOUR ANSWER!! Besides going commando... Say hello to the C-STRING. Get all the photos HERE 
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