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Posts from June 2014


Buzzfeed put together a list of the hardest "Would You Rather?" questions, and most of them don't make sense.  But here are nine of the best ones. Click HERE 

A Fleshlight Launchpad attachment allows "sex with iPad" .. WTF?! Check it out HERE

A Congressional Candidate in Oklahoma Is Contesting the Primary Results . . . Because He Says His Opponent Is a Body Double or a Robot? Check it out HERE 

BILL CLINTON'S incredible popularity has proved that Americans are pretty forgiving when it comes to a politician's perverted escapades.  24-year-old Jordan D. Haskins of Saginaw, Michigan is about to test the limits.. Check out what this guy did that ende him up in jail MULTIPLE TIMES HERE 

Facebook just keeps getting more and more evil.  We THOUGHT we'd reached a point where there was nothing shady they could do to surprise us . . . but somehow they've managed to top their own shadiness again. Check it out HERE 

There's a restaurant in Texas that's trying to take away the annoyance of tipping . . . and help charity in the process.  The restaurant pays its servers a good hourly wage, so they don't have to rely on tips . . . and if customers DO tip, the money is donated to charity. Get the full story HERE 
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People: BILL CLINTONJordan D. Haskins


When 35-year-old Martin Eldridge of Columbus, Ohio started stealing people's air conditioners last summer, he probably figured the worst case scenario was that he'd get caught and face some general theft charges. He figured wrong.  During his air conditioner stealing spree, Martin accidentally was committing a FEDERAL CRIME. Check out the full story HERE 

A guy robs a bar... and someone breaks into HIS car while he's inside! Get the full story HERE

Supposedly there's a new trend in wedding photos where the bridesmaids lift up their dresses and show some butt cheek.  We're not sure it's ACTUALLY a trend, or just a few photos online . . . but we're hoping it's the former.Check out the story and pics HERE 

Two guys bought a Powerball ticket in New Jersey last year that won a million dollars.  But when they checked the Powerball website right after the drawing, it hadn't updated . . . so they thought they lost and threw the ticket away.  Now they're suing for the $1 million!! Get the full story HERE

According to a new survey from Career Builder, 43% of employers now check social media like Facebook and Twitter before they decide to hire you.  Here are the ten things that are most likely to get you rejected. Click HERE for the list
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Locations: ColumbusNew JerseyOhio
People: Martin Eldridge

The most effective PSA I've ever seen
This is a PSA with one simple message: if kids find stuff, they will play with it, even if they have no idea what it is.


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The "Hollywood Reporter" recently surveyed over 2,000 Hollywood industry types . . . agents, directors, producers, and studio executives . . . to assemble a list of "Hollywood's 100 Favorite Films" of All Time. Check out the list HERE 

We're all addicted to SOMETHING.  A new survey asked 2,000 people about some everyday addictions, to see what we're hooked on without even realizing it.  Check out the results HERE 
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Every time you eat fast food, you're being TRICKED into buying more than you should.  They really put a lot of thought into it.  Here's a list of some of the biggest ways they get you to spend extra money. Click HERE 

A woman was just banned from the Memphis Zoo in Memphis, Tennessee . . . and that's definitely the best outcome she could've hoped for here, since the more LIKELY outcome was DEATH. Find out why she was banned by clicking HERE 

Facebook just keeps finding new ways to take down idiot criminals... here's the most recent story. CLICK HERE 
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Locations: MemphisTennessee

Have you seen this video of dad dancing with his daughter??
This video is pretty powerful. It's a dad dancing with his daughter, who was born with a debilitating disease. They have a website dedicated to her at http://www.mckenzieshope.com/

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If you want to get a lot of looks at the pool this summer, there's a website that sells something called the "TaTa Top" . . . which is a skin-toned bikini top with NIPPLES!! Check it out HERE 

Remember the little girl with the facial injuries who supposedly got kicked out of KFC because of scars on her face?  Supposedly her family made the story up to get money for her medical expenses! Get the FULL story HERE 
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Topics: Human Interest

Not all celebrities have had nice, entitled upbringings with smooth, easy paths to fame.  Some had to battle some rough family backgrounds.  HERE are a few of them

12-year-old boys tend to be dirty LIARS.  At least this one had a reason most of us can RELATE to.. get the full story HERE 

There's finally someone out there who WANTS you to send them photos of your junk.  About damn time, right? Check out the app HERE 

It's easier to walk around these days assuming EVERYONE'S got a gun.  Because when you assume people DON'T, stuff like THIS happens. 

Two prisoners had an not so brillant idea to get themselves out of prison...  And despite a pretty bold plan, they're not getting out anytime soon. Check out what they did HERE   
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The police in Stockton, California did a sweep for felons who illegally owned guns on Wednesday . . . and in the process, they've accidentally made the ladies go crazy... by posting this photo of Jeremy Meeks. HERE is the news story HERE is the facebook post the police posted and below is his MUGSHOT!

Have you been Yo'd yet?! Check out the ridiculously simple app that everyone is downloading HERE

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Topics: Law_Crime
Locations: California
People: Jeremy Meeks

Say hellllo to the new G-STRING ladies


Are you SICK of wearing those thongs and G-strings because they're just too bulky, TOO conservative, and cover you up too much?! HERES YOUR ANSWER!! Besides going commando... Say hello to the C-STRING. Get all the photos HERE 
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A Zoo Adopted a Stray Cat After It Became Best Friends with a Lynx
 I know you're really proud of how well your cat and dog get along.  But this is pretty impressive too. A LYNX AND STRAY CAT?! SOOOOOO CUTE


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Have you ever broken up with someone and had them do something CRAZY?  It might not be because you're wonderful, although you could take it that way . . . it's because getting dumped messes with people's heads! Here's the craziest answers we've heard. just click HERE 

Would a topless book club inspire you to read more? Check out these photos, I bet these men love reading now! "Hey honey, going to my book club see ya later!" PSHHHHH. Get the full story HERE 

Some people really can't live without their significant other, but this Indiana woman took it a little TOO far when her husband passed away.. a real stinky situation, get the full story HERE

There's no sight in the world more distracting to men than a NAKED WOMAN. But what would happen if your driving.. and ones just butt naked.. in her home.. laying out.. HALF OUT THE WINDOW? Yeah, Check out the full story and nudie pics HERE 
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Most of us have been through a DUI checkpoint.. but did you know you can get a ticket for warning traffic about one?! Get the story HERE 

What would you do if you were driving and saw a BABY about to crawl across the HIGHWAY!? Luckily Bryant Collins  saw her in time and SLAMMED on his brakes and saved her. Find out how the baby ended up wondering next to highways by reading the rest of the story HERE
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Topics: Human Interest
People: Bryant Collins

Bad In Bed? Hate Your Boss? There's A Secret App For That

Can you keep a secret? With one app, you might never have to again.

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Mariah Carey is launching a new non-alcoholic beverage called "Butterfly."  You buy it at Walgreens in a plastic bottle, and then you pour it into a champagne flute before you drink it.  And it's interactive . . . you use your smartphone to scan the bottle, and that lets you enter into MARIAH'S WORLD.  Check out the video of her promoting it HERE

Here's an interesting fact about our new Miss USA, 
NIA SANCHEZ:  She doesn't even know the capital of Nevada, the state she represented in the pageant. no lie. Check out the video below
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Locations: Nevada
People: Mariah CareyNIA SANCHEZ

Four Things to Do If You're About to Be Attacked, According to a Navy SEAL

A former Navy SEAL recently laid out the four things you should do if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. Which is something he should know a thing or two about.



Specifically, he means if someone is stalking you or trying to rob you.  Here are the four things you should do, in this order.



1.  Increase your distance.  The farther away you are, the more time you have to react if they DO attack.



2.  Introduce a barricade.  Meaning stand behind something, so it's between you and the threat.  And the bigger the better.  So a table is better than a chair, and a car is better than a table.  Again, the point is to give yourself more time to react.



3.  Look for a way to escape.  Scan the area for exits, or look for someone who might be able to help you.



4.  Only fight as a last resort.  Which doesn't mean you shouldn't defend yourself if you need to.  You SHOULD.  And you should fight like your life DEPENDS on it.  Meaning hair-pulling, eye-gouging, and groin-kicking are all viable options.  But the safest thing to do is RUN . . . and find help.


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Ladies, remember this number:  669-221-6251.  Here's why...
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Well that's ONE way to celebrate...
At Jack Britt HS in Fayetteville, NC one of the students stripped down to leopard print underwear after receiving his diploma at his High School Graduation ceremony. See it for yourself!!

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Topics: EducationHuman Interest
Locations: Fayetteville

A Woman Catfishes Her Niece . . . and Finds the Niece Wants Her KILLED!?  Check it out HERE 
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As a server, when you get a tip, that is DIRECTLY FOR YOU, you're suppose to keep it right? Well Waffle House wouldn't let a waitress have a $1,000 tip! Check it out HERE 

There are just some occasions when it's not appropriate to pull out your phone and text. Like when you're at a nice dinner with friends, Or when someone's lying in front of you with their chest open during emergency surgery. Get the full story on how this doctor lost his license for SEXTING

We all have a certain "type" of person we want to date, and match.com is making it A LOT easier for us.. you can now use PHOTOS of your ex to find a lookalike! not kidding. check it out HERE 
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Dumb and Dumber To Trailer
Harry and Lloyd are back! Here's the trailer for "Dumb and Dumber To"!!!

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People: HarryLloyd

It's gotten to the point where you have to run a CIA-style bug sweep before you can sit down on a toilet anymore..and thats a SHAME. Check out the latest PERVERTED TREND HERE

OLD PEOPLE SEX. Yup. Gurantee that got your attention.. this old frisky lady was arrested for PUBLIC SEX.. You gotta check out the full story HERE 

This sounds like the WORST possible outcome for breast implants, SERIOUSLY, even if you got a $54 Tijuana boob job with implants of cottage cheese, it would be better than THIS. Check it out HERE

While playing an online video games, a few players saw something on their computer screens that made them CALL THE POLICE! A girl got robbed at Gunpoint while she was playing a video game online and other players watched it happen on her webcam!

A man is suing a woman who impersonates Pink for NOT looking or sounding like her.. TRUE LIFE! Never though Pink was really at the impersonator level.. check out the story HERE 

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Know anybody who's pregnant? Watch this!
These women did a GREAT job on a parody of Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" called "I'm So Pregnant!" I think any woman who has gone through this can identify with this song!

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At some point, every guy wonders what it'd be like with an older woman.  This guy fantasizes about what it'd be like with the OLDEST woman. Get the full story HERE 

 A guy working at a Burger King in Norwich, England back on March 6th wanted to get out of work early.  So he called his brother, 18-year-old Luke Brown, and asked him to figure out how to get him out. And Luke's brilliant plan was . . . calling in a BOMB threat. Get the full story HERE 

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Topics: Human Interest
Locations: Norwich
People: Luke Brown

Taco Bell is adding a NEW ITEM on Monday! IT'S THE NEXT BIG THING! Check it out HERE 

Lifetime Is Doing a Reality Show Where Pregnant Women Give Birth in the Wild . . . Wait, What? Check it out HERE 

A Teacher Sleeping with a Student Got Jealous, Because He Took a Girl to the Prom . . . So She Rebounded with Another Student!? Get the FULL STORY HERE 
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 Want to see what it's like to get MUGGED?  Now you can, thanks to the power of GoPro. Check out the video below

If you have a daughter between the age of 5 and 15, she's probably seen the Disney movie
"Frozen" . . . and probably thinks she's the biggest fan in the world.  But she isn't.  Because THIS woman is.
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Guess what L.A. Clippers point guard Chris Paul got for his 29th birthday!? An autographed photo of TIFFANI THIESSEN from her "Saved by the Bell Days" and THATS why Kelly Kapowski is trending! Check out the photo with her little message HERE !

When will people ever understand!? YOU CANNOT MAKE DEATH THREATS ON A PLANE! No matter if its a joke, vague, or hypothetical...and this girl obviously DOES NOT UNDERSTAND & is willing to kill someone over something SIMPLE. Get the story HERE

Want to have twice as much sex?! We found the ONE thing you can put in your bedroom to make that happen! Get the answer HERE

Is Disney re-launching "Indiana Jones" with one of the sexiest men alive!? Check out the details HERE

WOW. Two 12 year old girls attempted to murder their friend in the woods.. because a mythical creature told them too.. not lying, check out the story HERE

A judge in Florida got into an argument with an attorney in his courtroom on Monday . . . and it got so heated he suggested they TAKE IT OUTSIDE. Find out WHO punched WHO in the head by getting all the details to the story and watching the video HERE 
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Locations: Florida
People: Chris PaulKelly KapowskiTIFFANI THIESSEN

Would you fake an illness to get free stuff? . . all the time?! This guy is facing jail time for faking seizers! Get the full story HERE 

WOW! There's nothing like child abuse to get your wedding international attention.. Check out what this mom did to her one month old little girl on her big day! Click HERE 

You probably have some old & EMBARASSING photos of yourself on your Myspace page, well, MySpace knows it and they are going to use YOUR photos for BLACKMAIL! Ahhh! Read the rest of the details HERE
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 If you're friends with 54-year-old Gary Dudek of Wallingford, Pennsylvania and he invites you over to "see something cool" . . . DO NOT GO. and HERE IS WHY! 

This guy must've REALLY thought he'd walked into a scene out of a porno last week.  But . . . you'll never believe this . . . sometimes the things that happen in porn AREN'T realistic.. Check it out HERE 

A Guy in England Has Been Terrorizing a Farmer for Eight Years . . . For Not Letting Him Roll Around Naked in Cow Dung!? Check out the story HERE

Justin Biebers Racial Slur

 I hope this guy was rushed to the front of the line when he went to the E.R.  Because this sounds WAY more severe than a heart attack or a gunshot wound. . You HAVE to get the details on this story HERE 

RAY J ended up behind bars Friday night! Get all the details on why he is still there HERE 

One lady caught the man who robbed her house via Facebook! How stupid can you be!? Add the people you robbed?! Well one guy IS that dumb, check out the full story HERE
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