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MONDAY March 31, 2014
Buzzfeed posted a list with the coolest invention from each state.  Here they are in alphabetical order

Here it is, The STRANGEST story of 2014 so far.. involving treasure and a porcupine.

Wanna loose weight FAST?! We found a VERY TASTEFUL way to do so! Check it out HERE 

A David Hasselhoff auction includes a creepy oversized model of the Hoff from the Spongebob Movie... & other strange things. Check out the other items HERE and his Spongebob debut video below.

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The Malaysia Airlines crash is still all over the news, so this is kind of an embarrassing oversight.  British Airways started running an ad on trains in England yesterday that said, quote, "Escape the commute . . . and discover the Indian Ocean."  They've already apologized and said they're pulling the ad. Check it out HERE 

People aren't always honest with their doctor.  But this takes it to a whole different level...You gotta hear why this guy had a sore throat!! Check out the story and pics HERE 

A few days ago, a woman posted a topless photo of herself on the website with the caption, "I swear these are getting bigger." 

Now days people usually find out they are pregnant, from a pregnancy test.. but this lady found out she was after posting NUDE photots online and the pervs pointed it out! Check it out HERE 
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 If you want to impress your friends and family by wasting even MORE money on your wedding than the average person, here's a great new gratuitous way to blow three grand.

Facebook helped a woman find her mother, 27 years after she was abandoned in a Burger King


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Base jump from WTC!!
Check out this awesome video of a VERY ILLEGAL base jump from the top of the new WTC building!

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