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Posts from February 2014

Here's more proof Twitter really IS the best way to get a company to give you personal customer service . . . because you're not just reaching out for service, you're also sharing your complaint PUBLICLY.

This is the kind of story that could launch a million metal detector purchases.

An elderly woman in Virginia got her receipt at Burger King.  And where employees can type in the customer's name, someone wrote a series of PROFANE INSULTS instead.  Which made her CRY, and now she says she'll never go back.
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There's a search engine called PornMD that searches all of the big free porn video sites at once.  And they just debuted an amazing new feature that's both hypnotic and terrifying.You can actually see a live, real-time stream of what kind of porn people are searching for.  It never ends.  People just keep searching and it just keeps scrolling.  It's so deviant, even WE don't recognize some of them.

Moviefone is going WEB-ONLY !!

The Milk industry is RETIRING their "GOT-MILK?" tagline!!!!! See for yourself what the new tag-line will be.

I'm not sure it's wise for Hyundai to associate themselves with POOP . . . they've worked really hard to make their brand more prestigious over the past decade.

49-year-old Rickey Wagoner of Trotwood, Ohio is a bus driver in Dayton.  And around 5:20 A.M. yesterday, his bus stalled.  But when he went outside to check it out . . . two guys came up and tried to MUG him.. YOU HAVE TO HEAR WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!!!!!

Once again, McDonald's is teasing us by announcing they MIGHT start serving breakfast after 10:30.

Taco Bell is planning to launch a new breakfast menu.  They decided it's finally time to cater to people who aren't just drunk at night.

A guy in Florida shot and killed his drinking buddy in 2012.  But he was found not guilty under the state's "stand your ground" law.  So a judge just ruled that he should get his guns back . . . even though he's BLIND.
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MONDAY February 24, 2014
Everyone loves those stories about rich customers who hear a waitress' hard-luck story . . . then leave a MONSTER TIP to change her life.  So are we bad for laughing when it goes THIS wrong?

It's one thing to get arrested for bestiality . . . we don't understand it, but at least you're doing what you love?  It's WAY weaker to get arrested for being an ACCESSORY to bestiality.

Someone put together a map showing the top-selling musical act from each state.  Meaning the state they were BORN in . . . not the one they grew up in.


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There's a new app launching next week that sounds like the BEST way to fight parking tickets we've heard of yet.

If you've ever had a candy bar get stuck in a vending machine . . . this guy is your hero.

 This guy either has an overwhelming FOOT FETISH or he's just a very bad person

A woman walks up to a news crew reporting on her Mother's stabbing, AND CONFESSES saying her mom was the ringleader of a SATANIC CULT... wow. 

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WATCH this awesome video using Pharrell's music!
They explain in the video, but all they used was ONE projector, and some white foam board, cut into shapes. Pretty amazing stuff!

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This credit card company will ACTUALLY hunt you down, at your house, at your office, WHEREVER YOU ARE, to get your money

This perverted professor claims he didn't film upskirt videos of his students for his own personal use.. rather it was to gather proof...you HAVE to read this story.

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Back in September, a 55-year-old homeless man named Laszlo Andraschek was at a train station in Hungary.  He was on his way to a meeting for recovering alcoholics, and decided to buy a lottery ticket...and it changed his life forever

Keep this in mind before you give in to your PARANOID and JEALOUS side and start going through your significant other's phone looking for signs of them cheating.  You really never know WHAT you'll find.

The good people at Groupon wanted to get in on President's Day this year, so they decided to give people $10 off on purchases of $40 or more.. but they made a STUPID MISTAKE.

The naughtiest snow-sculpture you'll ever see. WARNING..it's pretty naughty 
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People: Laszlo Andraschek


Love can make women do crazy things.  But let's face it . . . some of them were just crazy to begin with. You HAVE to read this story... 

This is the FUNNIEST and mose ADORABLE death threat you're every going to hear about

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Pizza Hut is holding a contest on the dating site OKCupid.  And if you submit a video of yourself talking about your ideal PROPOSAL, you could win free pizza for LIFE

A 14-year-old in Chicago wanted to cheer up his mom while she was at the hospital on Saturday getting chemo.  So he wrote a message in the snow outside her window that said, "Hi Mom.  God Bless U."  But he ended up inspiring MORE than just her, because a bunch of OTHER patients saw it.  And now it's gone viral on Facebook.

Athletes have a LOT of downtime at the Winter Olympics.  So when they aren't training or competing, they have to pass the time.  And apparently, there are two big ways to pass the time....
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At this point in your life, you've probably developed an immunity to your alarm clock . . . it takes a monstrous effort for that thing to get you out of bed.  So maybe THIS will help you wake up easier.

We all love an app that makes EVERYONE feel bad about themselves, right

A little boy in Michigan didn't want a birthday party because he didn't have ANY friends, but wait till you see what his mom did that made his 11th birthday the BEST ONE YET!

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Locations: Michigan

It's scary to think there are so many aspiring terrorists in the Middle East, there are SCHOOLS for suicide bombers.  But at least there's one less school today.

When you interview for a job that's perfect for you, but get rejected . . . it's frustrating.  You might even RESENT them.  But you don't hear stories about people exacting true REVENGE for it.

 It's easy to make a New Year's resolution to clean out your house.  If you haven't done it yet, it's probably because you just don't know where to start.  Here's a handy list of 30 things you DO NOT need to keep any longer.
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Locations: Middle East

 Let's say you got a chance to look at God's Excel Spreadsheet.  You know, where He keeps stats on everything everyone does.  You could look at ONE stat about yourself.  What would you choose

If a woman on a plane asks you to join the MILE-HIGH CLUB with her . . . you say "Yes"... BUT THIS CLUB INITIATION WENT TOTALLY WRONG

 I LOVE new car smell as much as anyone . . . that amazing blend of chemicals and more chemicals really does it for me.  But I've never LOST MYSELF in new-car smell like THIS.

A woman catches the men that robbed her house, when they tried to sell her stuff back to her

The programmer behind the overnight hit game  "flappy bird" yanked it offline yesterday because he said that despite making him $50,000 A DAY....it was ruining his LIFE
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 Is there any situation in life when teenagers DON'T feel the urge to take a selfie?  Apparently not.

 Are you worried this Valentine's Day could end like so many other nights . . . with both of you getting into bed in your same old pajamas, having the same old discussion about whether or not you "should" have sex? welllllllll, You're not alone.

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Watch this dog protect a baby from the blow dryer
This is adorable! This dog is protecting his "sister" from the blow dryer!

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An artist put up an ultra-realistic statue of a guy sleepwalking in tighty whities on the campus of Wellesley College, which is an all-girls school.  And not everyone's happy about it.

Ever flash your lights to warn oncoming traffic about a speed trap ahead?! Well you HAVE to hear this story
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 It's the 10th anniversary of Facebook . . . and in less than a decade, it's really changed STALKING forever.  Which is cool, I guess . . . if you're the one doing the stalking.

Want to take HORRIFYING photos of your friends? You can always use it as black mail, well heres how
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Richard Gere Dumped Julia Roberts in the Original Draft of "Pretty Woman" . . .

We've seen list of alternate movie endings before.  Here's one with a few more that may be new to you . . .



"Pretty Woman" ends with RICHARD GERE driving to JULIA ROBERTS' neighborhood to give her the fairy tale ending she's always wanted.



But in the original script, he shows up with $3,000 for spending the week with him, then DRIVES OFF.  And she ends up on her knees in the gutter picking up the money, after throwing it against his car window in disgust.



Also, Julia's character was a DRUG ADDICT in addition to being a prostitute, and Gere wouldn't let her use . . . so she suffered from withdrawal during the week.



The movie was ultimately made by Touchstone, a subsidiary of Disney, so obviously they made a lot of changes.



"Rocky":  Rocky THROWS the fight for money . . . instead of taking world champion Apollo Creed 15 rounds and losing by decision . . . and buys Adrienne the PET STORE.




"Alien":  The alien kills SIGOURNEY WEAVER by biting off her head . . . then gets on the radio and communicates with Earth in HER voice.




"Seven":  In the movie, after BRAD PITT finds his girlfriend's head in a box, he shoots the killer, KEVIN SPACEY.  But originally they were going to have Brad's partner, MORGAN FREEMAN, kill him, so Brad wouldn't get the blame.




"There's Something About Mary":  After BEN STILLER FINALLY hooks back up with CAMERON DIAZ, he gets hit by a bus.  The end.

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According to Entertainment Weekly, here are the TOP 5 COMMERCIALS from Superbowl XLVIII

And here are the TOP 5 that weren’t so good
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