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Belly Bumps!!

I took some belly photos this past weekend...I still haven't gotten the whole gallery but here's a little sneak peek from the photographer! I will post some more as soon as I get them. I am glad I documented this incredibly special time in my life! It's amazing to see how much baby Joseph has grown over the last few months. It's hard to believe that I will be 36 weeks starting tomorrow! From the few pictures I've seen I am really happy how they turned out. This is has also been incredibly fun & special being pregnant as the same time as Tricia Delicia! Check us out at my baby shower on June 25th: And here we are on July 17th at her baby shower!! I think it's safe to say our bumps have grown quite a bit! I can't believe that we are 14 days apart! Who do you think will have the baby first? Tricia (who has been known to deliver early) or me?? I am starting to think (even though Joseph tried to come early twice...) that Tricia will deliver first! Either way...not too much longer--Julian Michael & Joseph Michael will soon be making their big debuts into the world!

07/19/2011 1:51PM
Belly Bumps!!
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07/19/2011 2:50PM
wow: making progress!
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