October is Bully Prevention Awareness Month. I have always felt strongly about anti-bullying. Too many young children and adults are dying from suicide, which usually stems from being bullied. As a public figure here in Hampton Roads, I want to encourage all the younger generations to take a stand for the ones being bullied. Make friends with the "weird kid." Wave back when the "nerd" waves at you. Tell the lonley kid at the lunch table that he or she can come sit with you. Stick up for the ones you see being bullied. It's so important that these kids feel as though just ONE person cares for them. You don't know what someone is dealing with at home, or what their story is. Be the change we need to see. OK....I'm done preaching. Now watch this video about a news anchor who LAID INTO a viewer that sent in a very nasty email about her weight. YOU GO GIRL!! Way to take a stand!!

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10/03/2012 4:38PM
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