YAY!! My boy is our American Idol!

I went out on a limb yesterday on the Z Morning Zoo and said Kris Allen would win "American Idol" even thought everybody and their third cousin including Nick thought Adam Lambert was gonna win.  But I've liked Kris since about week 2. I likey like him...heee heee.  Well, guess what? I was right, Kris is our new American Idol! Suck on that one, Nickademus!! Ha ha! Look at his face - could Kris Allen have been more surprised?! After winning, he said, "It feels good man, but Adam deserves this. I don't know what to feel right now, this is crazy!"   425winneridollr052009

05/21/2009 8:29AM
YAY!! My boy is our American Idol!
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05/25/2009 12:15PM
I wanted Adam to win but, he wears too much eyeliner. So then I wanted Kris to win because he has a great voice!
06/05/2009 7:24AM
Hey...How come you don't have anything on here about NKOTB????? I hear you are a nut about them like me!!! LOVE THE KIDS, especially DONNIE D...! I am taking my oldest daughter to the concert tonight, I just PRAY they DO NOT cancel!!!!! I have been looking forward to this for a long time!!!!! I wanted to take my car to be spray painted BUT I had to get my 10 y/o on the bus. Peace, take care and Hope we have a good concert tonight. Ps Listening to Z104 on line.:) I LOVE THIS!!!
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