Where am I?

04/30/2010 9:39AM
Where am I?
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04/30/2010 9:44AM
Kelcie Copeland
passed out! right up front!
04/30/2010 9:45AM
in troble
04/30/2010 9:45AM
Melissa Corriveau
It would appear you are the one laying on the steps.
04/30/2010 9:49AM
You're pretty easy to find passed out on the step there...
04/30/2010 9:53AM
On skid row You need a blanket.:)...New York Times Square.
04/30/2010 9:58AM
your in new york silly! no your in duffy square on the ruby red stairs!!!! found you!!!!!!!!!
04/30/2010 9:59AM
which btw happens to be in time square!
04/30/2010 10:08AM
it's YOU'RE in New York.... not YOUR. just sharing my knowledge with others. smile :)
04/30/2010 10:39AM
Thanks Ms. English Teacher.... when YOU'RE in a hurry, sometimes it doesn't come out as planned!
04/30/2010 11:42AM
you are at the ticket master on 42nd street on the stairs. the same stairs jay-z did his empire state of mind video. why are you lying down shaggy?
04/30/2010 12:11PM
Brenda Van Dorn
You are in Duffy Square, on the ruby red glass steps, where the TKTS booth is in NY. Did you ride the China Town bus?
04/30/2010 5:25PM
You are right in front passed out on the stairs, man how much did you drink last night ;) You're in New York & you need to get your butt back here! Stop getting in trouble! The Morning Zoo is nothing without you. I hope this isn't a joke & they better not fire you, because if they do...I won't be listening anymore! But for what it's worth, I would've done the same thing, Hell...anyone in their right mind would have!!
04/30/2010 9:45PM
hey what was that new song by eminem you guys played ?
05/27/2010 11:46AM
So... you were too cheap to book a hotel when you went up to see Skateboy P, and slept on the stairs... Good thinking ;) .. Shame on Pharell for not helpin a brother out with a place to stay. lmao!!!
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