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A lot of songs by one artist were actually written by another. Buzzfeed.com has a quiz you can take to test your knowledge about who wrote what. Here are the answers, if you'd like to cheat . . . HERE

Do you feel like a loser when your friends on Facebook are constantly posting incredible vacation photos from around the world? Well now, you can make THEM feel like garbage without even leaving your house.. Check it out HERE

A Cop Was Arrested When His Son's Girlfriend Caught Him Sniffing Her Underwear !?! Get the full story HERE

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28-year-old Daniel Warn of Bloomington, California must be a huge fan of the fast food chain El Pollo Loco. Clearly he thinks El Pollo Loco is both irresistibly delicious AND a lucrative busines. Get the full story HERE

People have kids for a lot of reasons. Sometimes they're trying to save a marriage, or sometimes they're just READY for a baby. You don't usually hear about someone who just needed an ACCOMPLIC like this lady. Check it out HERE

Social media keeps getting better and better at taking down idiot criminals. Here's the latest moron who stole something and took a selfie with it. Just click HERE

Two students at Harvard just invented the world's first cake batter in a spray can. Instead of making your own, you just spray the batter into a pan. It cooks faster, has a more consistent flavor, and has fewer chemicals than regular cake mix. They've patented it, and now they're working on finding a manufacturer. Get the full story HERE

A few days ago, a 26-year-old woman posted a screenshot on the website Reddit.com. It was a spreadsheet that her 26-year-old husband had sent her before leaving on a business trip.....Apparently she'd been turning him down for sex A LOT . . . so he started keeping track of her excuses.Check out the spreadsheet HERE

There's a mugshot going around that shows what happens when a dad catches someone molesting his kid. It should be a warning to pedophiles AND an instruction manual for anyone who catches one.Check it out HERE

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You don't need MORE proof that the Transportation Security Administration isn't particularly strong on the whole "security" thing . . . but this is pretty bad. CHECK IT OUT HERE
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If you see a spider in your house, trap it in a glass and let it go outside. Or if you're like most people, just crush it with a paper towel. But you don't need go all RAMBO on it like this dude, get the full story HERE

Google Maps busted TWO guys who robbed a house, THREE YEARS AGO! Check out how they got caught HERE

There's something sweet about this criminal . . . but it's buried under a MASSIVE pile of idiocy. WHAT A MORON! Read what he did HERE
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A Girl Gets Her Wisdom Teeth Out, and Wants Ryan Gosling's Junk

There's a new video of a girl who just got done having her wisdom teeth out, and while she's coming off the drugs she gets REALLY horny and dirty. Like with all the videos, she could be faking it . . . but it's hilarious either way. This video is cut together from Vines the girl posted and then deleted. She filmed them herself, which is one reason why it seems like she might be faking it.
WARNING! Profanity ahead.
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Everyone's always talking about how to UNITE the country, not divide it. Apparently the NBA isn't listening... And HERE'S why

Marvel has decided to make the character Thor a WOMAN. And no, it's not a sidekick or a spin-off. The ACTUAL Thor is going to be female in the comic books now. Check out the picture HERE

Remember last year when Lay's introduced experimental potato chip flavors, and people could vote for the best one? They did cheesy garlic bread, Sriracha, and chicken and waffles . . . and cheesy garlic bread won. They've got a new round of experimental flavors this year . . . and these are WAY weirder. Check out the new flavors HERE

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I get claustrophobic spending 30 seconds in an airplane bathroom. So this is my NIGHTMARE... Check it out HERE

Couples spend tens of thousands of dollars trying to make their wedding UNIQUE and MEMORABLE. No need! You just have to get lucky, like this couple. Check it out HERE

I'm not sure I EVER feel less sexy than after I eat Chipotle. That's what happens when you eat a burrito the size of a large baby or small dwarf. So good for these people for bringing the sexy back to Chipotle. Check it out HERE
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Is this Virginia dad incredibly sweet? or a nutjob? He claimed a patch of land between Egypt and Sudan as his "KINGDOM" so that his 7 year old daughter can be a REAL princess. Check out the story HERE

A photo of Steven posing in front of a dead DINOSAUR went viral late last week. Of course, it's not a REAL dinosaur. It's an old photo from the set of "Jurassic Park"... BUT people were dumb enough to think it was a REAL TRICERATOPS.

As far as public relations disasters go, this one is right up there . . .Check out TJMAXXs big OOPSIE over the weekend HERE

Remember when every single prom, school dance, graduation party, and mix tape included "End of the Road" by BOYZ II MEN? Now they're promoting the return of the Wendy's PRETZEL BUN.

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The trendiest baby names of 2014. Do you agree?! Get the full list HERE

The most INTERESTING story you will EVER HEAR about an eggplant. Check it out HERE

The most HILARIOUS effect of the world cup game between Germany and Brazil actually has to do with a porn site. Check it out HERE
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Catrina McGhaw signed a lease for a house in Ferguson, Missouri back in March. As far as she knew, it was just a nice, normal suburban house outside St. Louis. NOPE. WAY WORSE. Find out why HERE

They say you never know where you'll find love. And I guess this story proves that's true . . . because this woman found love while she was in the process of locking down the crew for her wedding to someone ELSE. Check out the FULL story HERE

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He's GOT IT! He's GOT IT!!

This adorable young man is inspiring people by the thousands. Watch 2-year old Kayden learn to walk after having both of his feet amputated because of a birth defect. This kid is simply awesome.

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It's hard to believe this wasn't a setup . . . but someone went into a Subway and happened to see two guys standing next to each other who looked almost EXACTLY like a middle-age Napoleon and Pedro from "Napoleon Dynamite". Obviously, he HAD to take a picture! Check it out HERE

ESPN devoted about 90 seconds to 26-year-old Andrew Rector of New York back in April . . . which is the amount of time usually reserved for
LeBron James getting a new haircut.. and NOW he is SUING ESPN for making fun on him when he fell asleep at a Yankees game! Check out the pics HERE

Have selfies become so popular that now even the DEAD are taking them? I say no. This woman says yes. Check out the story HERE

MUGSHOT OF THE DAY: An aspiring model who flashed her lady parts at the guards. No lie, maybe she thought she would get as much national attention as the sexy florida felon with face tattoos. Check out her mugshot HERE

A new survey asked 1,000 people between 18 and 70 when you're too old to do 21 different things . . . and it's a REALLY sobering reality check. Check out the list HERE

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A couple is suing the Hotel from their wedding for NOT stopping a guy who wagged his junk at them during the ceremony. haha Get the full story HERE

A new device will help you tone your lady parts AND gives you a small rewarding buzz down there for doing your exercises! Check it out HERE

Whenever you're waiting at the doctor's office or the DMV, you probably pull out your phone, right? We ALL pull out our phones. So what would happen if you couldn't? A new study found that we've gotten SO used to being able to occupy ourselves when we're bored, that if we CAN'T, we'll take ANY other option . . . even if it's SELF TORTURE. Check out the full story HERE

This burglary plan sounds like it's straight out of a movie . . . and it's so impressive, it's hard to be mad. Unless you were the victim . . . then you're probably mad as hell. Get the full story HERE
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This might be one of the worst social media mistakes any company has made . . .

American Apparel Posted a Photo of the Challenger Explosion . . . Because They Thought it Showed Fireworks.. WOOWWWWW...Get the full story HERE

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This is some sweet, sweet drive-time revenge right here!! Check out what these two girls, WHO SHARE THE SAME BOYFRIEND, did to humilate him! Click HERE

If you're heading to the beach this weekend, want to make sure your beer stays cold, don't want to spend $2 on a beer koozie, AND don't mind looking like an EXTREME REDNECK . . . we've got your solution RIGHT HERE

You know your life has gone down the wrong path when you can evaluate different jails on the quality of their accommodations.. like this lady who lead police on a HIGH SPEED CHASE cause she preferred the Jail in the next County! Get the full story HERE

There are actually a lot of things that might surprise you about the Fourth of July, including these seven from AllProudAmericans.com. Check out the list HERE
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This is one way to show your bank their customer service is crap. Maybe it's a little too obvious, but . . . point MADE. Check it out HERE

If you see someone walking around outside your office with a gun in this day and age, you call the cops. Even if it's a gun that's primarily designed to shoot at Han Solo and Luke Skywalker with virtually no accuracy. Check out this crazy story HERE
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ROBIN THICKE agreed to do a Q&A session online. VH1 set it up, and asked people to submit questions on Twitter, with the hashtag, "AskThick". And somehow, no one realized THIS was going to happen. Basically ALL of the questions were either been about him cheating on his wife, Paula Patton . . . or they've accused him of being a misogynistic A-HOLE in general. Buzzfeed posted a bunch of them. HERE are ten of our favorites.

If this next woman wanted to grab men's packages so badly, she probably could've just asked...Instead she decided to pretend she was a doctor and lured men into her home! The police report is below and you can get the full story HERE

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Watch this guy turn the tables on a state cop!!

This truck driver blew his horn at a passing state police patrolman in Illinois, after he caught the officer speeding while talking on his cell phone. When the cop pulled him over for "illegal use of horn", watch how he turned the tables on him!!

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