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Would YOU ride this!?

I am a total CHICKEN when it comes to heights...so I don't think you would catch me dead on this ride...but would YOU ride it!?

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Animals Dance to Salt-N-Pepa's Push It

Your day will be made! ENJOY!

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Shaggfest 2014...

Was AMAZING!!! Thank you to EVERYONE who came out...and if you couldn't be there...we wish you could have experienced it! The whole Z crew had a great time and will never forget the night. Hats off to Shaggy & Mrs. Shagg (because beside every great man...is a great woman/wife...right!?) They worked hard for all of this to come together. Here are some pics from Saturday...I am sure I will be posting more SOON!
Tricia & I are the Shaggfest Pre-Party at Dave & Busters (a HUGE thanks to them for having us!)

At the 2nd Shaggfest Pre-Party...HOOTERS! Thanks to the pretty ladies who served us & didn't mind our crazy kids running around half the night!

Devin & I with Pharrell backstage on Saturday!

Ohhh how the ladies loved him...AUGUST ALSINA!

Chris Brown's Dj & our very good friend here at the station...Dj Babey Drew!

Tricia, myself, Nicole (Nick's wife), Nick & Michelle. How awesome is Nick's shirt?!

Getting ready to pass off the skate deck to have Pharrell sign it for the station!

On stage announcing local artists Artel Carter!

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Who knew that they were SO cute!?

Move over, Mozart! Check out a bunch of otters playing an electric piano! So stinking cute! (I am clearly easily amused.)

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These people try Red Bull for the first time

My favorite quote, "It tastes like bad decisions!!" Haha! Check out these priceless reactions...Elmer's Glue, anyone?

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With Graduation almost here...

I thought this video was PERFECT & awesome! Some of these quotes are too funny!

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It's WEDDING season!!

So I thought this video was hilarious & SO appropriate...

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This is ONE heated GRANDMA!!!

NSFW...bad language...just to warn you...but oh-so-hilarious!!!

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What's The Difference Between These Foods?

Do you get them mixed up often!? Test yourself...NOW!

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11 Shocking Facts About Social Media

I didn't know ANY of this! Snapchat Mascot...Ghostface Killa from WuTang!? Watch & learn!

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