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Mike Klein



09/30/2013 5:51PM
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09/30/2013 7:17PM
Um doesn't she realise that if her college sees this then they'll drop her our if she's applyjng to colleges then they won't accept her? I'm not hating I'm just saying and what abiut her career when she graduates? If they di a chack oj her and see thisthey wwontvhwon't hire her
09/30/2013 7:25PM
A college isn't going to kick you out for twerking anymore than they do for binge drinking. Green isn't a nice look for you. She speaks well and twerks well, while you on the other hand probably are collecting welfare because I cannot imaginethat anyone would hire you with your atrocious spelling, grammar and complete inability to put together a sentence!
09/30/2013 8:54PM
I don't get it...
I don't get what is so funny about this video. I didn't think it was bad nor great. I waiting for something crazy to happen. Good luck to her I guess.
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