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Friday March 6

Harrison Ford crashed a small plane on a golf course in Los Angeles yesterday afternoon, and was hospitalized with cuts to his head. But he's fine and he'll make a full recovery. The plane stalled on take-off, so he tried to make it back to the airport and had to make an emergency landing. The extent of his injuries remains unclear, but they are said not to be life-threatening and he should make a full recovery.

Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto both dyed their hair platinum blonde. They are both in Paris for Fashion Week. Kim said she's just always wanted to do it but the time wasn't ever right. While Jared is likely getting ready to dye his hair green to play The Joker in "Suicide Squad." Do you like?

Blonde at Balmain

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Unfortunately for Justin Bieber, his buddy Seth Rogan is still saying no to the upcoming Comedy Central Roast. But we have heard about some other celebrities already lined up like Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Shaquille O'Neal, and Martha Stewart. Kevin Hart is the roast master, and the comedians will include Jeffrey Ross and Hannibal Buress. Kevin said, "He'll be fine, that's a great friend of mine. I'm not going to be malicious, we'll throw a couple jabs here and there, but it's all about setting the tone. It's all in fun."

Drake will be performing in 8 cities beginning in May. So says a promoter who is already offering tickets to the shows. But Drake knows nothing about it. Fans have been fooled into paying up to $350 per ticket! Drakes reps are tracking down the scammers for legal action.

Sylvester Stallone is bringing the concept of his "Expendables" movies to TV. He's developing it with Fox as an "event series," which means it's only intended for a limited, one-season run. It's described as "a fun action drama that unites iconic TV stars as a new team of highly-skilled heroes, who are on a mission to stop a dangerous terrorist." There's no word on any casting yet. Some possibilities include: Kiefer Sutherland from "24", Tom Selleck from "Magnum P.I.", Lucy Lawless from "Xena", Scott Bakula from "Quantum Leap", Jennifer Garner from "Alias", and Mr. T from "The A-Team".

The dress that broke the internet officially made its way onto "American Idol" last night, when one of the contestants wore it during her performance. Jax (Jackie Cole) wore the dress we all talked about last week and it was definitely blue and black!
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Thursday March 5

MTV announced the nominees for its Movie Awards on Wednesday. They include several Oscar winners like "American Sniper," "Whiplash," and "Boyhood," though the leaders of the pack are all summer box office hits. "Guardians of the Galaxy," "The Fault in Our Stars," and "Neighbors" each garnered seven nominations. Other highlights include Kate Upton being nominated for Best Shirtless Performance for "The Other Woman". She's up against four dudes - Zac Efron ("Neighbors"), Chris Pratt ("Guardians of the Galaxy"), Channing Tatum ("Foxcatcher"), and Ansel Elgort ("The Fault in Our Stars") The Movie Awards air on April 12th. Amy Schumer is hosting.

T.I. made a big announcement yesterday. Remember the 2006 movie "ATL"? They are moving forward on a sequel and "ATL 2" will be out soon. T.I. will play Rashad again and his group of friends are all coming back - Jackie Long, Albert Daniels and Jason Weaver. (Esquire, Brooklyn and Teddy).

The film makers on "Fifty Shades of Grey" had it's work cut out for them. The cinematographer on the film said he had to cast a butt double for Dakota Johnson. She has a tattoo on her booty. Jamie Dornan had a cover over his private business and Dakota had kind of a patch that went over her intimate areas. So the digital effects team said they were in a "curious situation" in post-production, where they had to add grass to her lady garden?? I bet you didn't realize that was something you never thought about!

Karrueche Tran says she had no idea Chris Brown was a father and only found out moments before the news broke on Tuesday. Karrueche and her now ex-boyfriend had stopped speaking after getting into a fight last week when Breezy took a DNA test to determine if he was the father. Chris tried to call Tran after his baby news hit the Internet, but she reportedly refused to answer his calls. So yesterday, she Tweeted, "Listen. One can only take so much. The best of luck to Chris and his family. No baby drama for me." As we told you yesterday, he is the father of a nine-month-old baby girl named Royalty with a model named Nia Gonzalez and they live in Texas. Ironically Nia is captured in photos with both Rihanna and Karrueche.
We won't be done with Chris Soules yet. Next Monday night is the finale for "The Bachelor" and the following week, it's the premier of "Dancing with the Stars." Chris was named as the final "mystery" contestant on the 20th season. He will be dancing with pro dancer Witney Carson who won last season with Alfonso Ribeiro.

Bruce Jenner may not be ready to take his femininity all the way. One source says he already did his interview with Diane Sawyer, and he told her he's keeping his male equipment for now. But he will live his life as a woman, and he says his breasts have already grown to a B-cup. And he's not stopping there. A source says, "He desperately wants to go bigger and plans to get actual implants soon." Also, Bruce is still attracted to women, but sex isn't that important to him anymore. The interview will air sometime this summer on ABC.
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Wednesday March 4

Chris Brown is the father of a 9-month-old baby girl in the Big Fat Rumor of the Day. The baby girl's mother is a 31-year-old former model named Nia, and one source claims she's one of Rihanna's friends. She and Chris have known each other for several years, but they're not together. And Chris is supposedly happy that he's a dad. He's 25, by the way. No word if it happened during one of Chris' many breaks from his on-again off-again girlfriend Karrueche Tran. What do you think of the picture?? Does she look like Chris?
Post by TMZ.

Britney Spears lost some hair extensions mid-song during her show Friday night in Vegas. She just kept on performing like nothing happened. It's not a very big deal, but that didn't stop the Internet from turning it into one.

In the legal battle over "Blurred Lines", it was revealed the song has brought in over $16.6 million. Robin Thicke got almost $5.7 million, Pharrell got $5.1 million and T.I. got $700,000. What? Now the rest of the earnings went to Interscope, the record label, but why did T.I. get such a low pay-out? Is it because he didn't write or produce the song? Unbelievable.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have announced the birth of their son, Isaiah Michael Fisher, who was born on Friday. Carrie posted a photo of his hand yesterday on Instagram and wrote, "Tiny hands and tiny feet. God has blessed us with an amazing gift."

We've heard Bobby Brown's family is cashing in while his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown fights for her life. Members of Bobby's family are shooting a reality show that will touch on her hospitalization. A source says Bobby's not involved, but his brother, two sisters and their kids are filming the show. And while they aren't shooting in the hospital, the tragedy is definitely part of the storyline. Speaking of drama, Bobbi's husband Nick Gordon went after her dad on Twitter yesterday. He said, "Bobby you're just a center fold. You're doing shows I would be there by her side 24/7 non stop taking care of our baby." Today is Bobbi Kristina's 22nd birthday.
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Tuesday March 3

Jared Leto cut his hair and his beard for his upcoming role as The Joker in the movie "Suicide Squad". The movie's director David Ayer posted a picture of scissors just about to cut into Jared's ponytail and of his clean shave! Do you like??

Ellie Goulding is joining "The Voice" this season. She will be an advisor for Adam Levine's team. Other advisers already announced include Lionel Ritchie for team Pharrell Williams, Nick Jonas for team Christina Aguilera and Meghan Trainor for team Blake Shelton.

Wiz Khalifa takes some shots at his ex Amber Rose in a new Juicy J track called "For Everybody" where he said, "I fell in love with a stripper. Funny thing is, I fell back out of love quicker." Just a heads-up that it's uncensored. And the photo of Wiz and Juicy next to the track is actually from Wiz and Amber's wedding.

Justin Bieber is getting roasted soon, and apparently he really, really, really wants Seth Rogen to be there. The Biebs has been sending Rogen Tweets basically begging him to be there. He said, "@Sethrogen come on man. Check your voicemail. I took it like a man as u blasted a nervous kid fan of yours (me). Now I'm a man. Roast me!" If you remember, last January, Seth Tweeted "All jokes aside, Justin Bieber is a piece of sh**." But even Justin took that joke in stride and said, "I'm still your biggest fan. Even after "the interview." That's dedication. Roast me! Sincerely yours..the piece of sh**...justin :)"
Suge Knight was hospitalized again. If you're keeping track, this is the third time he's been hospitalized since he was arrested for killing a guy by running him over. It's not clear what's going on, but now he says he's going blind.

Kelly Ripa was on "Late Night" with Seth Meyers last night. She told a story about a tampon falling out of her purse at the security line for the White House Correspondents Dinner. It is such a shame that our clutches for formal wear are so tiny, the thing just popped right out!
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Monday March 2

Gunshots rang out during a college event headlined by T.I. and Jeezy and the crowd scattered in chaos. The guys were playing at a day party in Charlotte when someone in the crowd fired what sounded like 2 shots. Police say two people suffered non-life threatening injuries and both were hospitalized. Cops say no one's been arrested. They do not have a suspect yet. Although a T.I. song was playing when the shots were fired, we're told it was just a track. T.I. had already performed and was not on stage. Jeezy and Yo Gotti (who had also performed) were in the V.I.P. section at the time of the shooting. The show was an event to celebrate the C.I.A.A. basketball tournament.

Kelly Osbourne is leaving "Fashion Police", and everyone is assuming it's because Giuliana Rancic insulted her friend Zendaya during their post-Oscar show. Giuliana said Zendaya's dreadlocks probably smelled like patchouli and weed which suddenly became about race, not about the fact that hippies and stoners of all colors wear dreads. Well, Kelly was particularly upset, because Zendaya is a friend. She threatened to leave, so Giuliana issued a completely pandering, over-the-top apology. But Kelly is leaving anyway. E! says she's leaving to "pursue other opportunities." NeNe Leaks and Khloe Kardashian are among those rumored to replace her.

Justin Bieber turned 21 yesterday, and he celebrated by partying on a private Caribbean island that he'd rented out. Naturally, a bunch of his friends were there with him. There are photos and videos online of him partying shirtless with models (Hailey Baldwin and Yovanna Ventura). The festivities included champagne and sparklers. Justin Tweeted, "Grateful to be alive!!! Love u!!! 21. I love everybody!"

Ludacris is going to be a father for the third time. Over the weekend, he announced that his wife Eudoxie is pregnant. He posted a photo of him kissing her belly ON INSTAGRAM, and captioned it: "Beautiful day on the beach." This will be their first child together.

Michelle Rodriguez was asked about a rumor that she might be the next Green Lantern, her response was pretty unexpected. She said, "That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Because of this whole 'minorities in Hollywood' thing it's so stupid. It's like, you know, stop stealing all the white people's superheroes. Like, make up your own." Of course she had to apologize. She posted a video on Facebook explaining herself, "I think that there are many cultures in Hollywood that are not white and that can come up with their own mythology. I'm just saying that instead of trying to turn a girl character into a guy or instead of trying to turn a white character into a black character or a Latin character, I think that people should stop being lazy and, you know, that people should actually make an effort in Hollywood to develop their own mythology."

Drake has 14 songs on the Billboard Hot 100, which ties The Beatles' record for the most songs on the chart at one time. The Beatles record has stood for 51 years. That's an accomplishment, but it's also a sign of the times. When the Beatles set the record, they had five of the Top 10 songs on the chart, but Drake doesn't crack the Top 15. Also, Drake is just a featured act on four of his 14 songs.
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Friday February 27

Leonardo DiCaprio might already have his eye on a new conquest. Sources say that after the "Saturday Night Live" 40th anniversary special, he basically ignored Rihanna to flirt with Dakota Johnson from "Fifty Shades of Grey". A source says, "Dakota looked like she was trying to play it cool, but you could tell she was thrilled to have his attention. And out of everyone he socialized with, Leo seemed to be the happiest when he was with Dakota."

Remember the gown Lupita Nyong'o wore to the Oscars? HERE IS THE DRESS! It was made out of more than 6,000 pearls. A lot of people liked it and apparently one person liked it enough to STEAL it. Police say the dress was stolen out of Lupita's hotel room in West Hollywood sometime on Wednesday. She wasn't there at the time. Authorities are looking at surveillance footage to see if they can figure out who took it. The thief clearly knew what they were doing. The dress is worth an estimated $150,000.

Paris Hilton has a stalker and like most stalkers, he's a nut job, but unlike most stalkers, he's apparently rich. The guy showed up at Paris' house in a sweet, classic red Cadillac. He made it through the gate by posing as a flower delivery guy, but when Paris saw him, she called the cops. He was apparently trying to give her the car because he left it outside of her place on his way out. It sat there for a few days, and then was vadalized. Someone smashed the driver and passenger windows. Paris thinks the guy did it himself, because he was mad she didn't accept the gift.

Missy Elliott was recently back in Hampton Roads spending time with Timbaland and working in the studio. That made most of us jump up and down for joy. But now, we're even more excited after she TWEETED THIS PIC and told us she's working with Pharrell Williams too! She and P are in a studio in L.A. - we can't wait for new music! 

The "New York Post" says the Kardashians signed a $100 million deal to stay with E! for four more years. The deal includes Kris Jenner and her daughters Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, and Kylie. Bruce Jenner was not part of the deal, because they're supposedly giving him his own show to chronicle his "transformation". The last deal the family signed with E! was for $40 million over three years, and it made them the highest-paid reality stars in the world, so it's clear that they still are! 

Fox is considering mounting a stage production of its new hit show Empire that would tour America sometime soon. Each week a new single from the series is released on iTunes, and there will be a soundtrack compilation released on March 10. Fox is thinking about doing a live stage show.
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Thursday February 26

Lady Gaga will star on the fifth season of "American Horror Story", which is titled "American Horror Story: Hotel". It's not clear how big her role is, but given the fanfare, we're assuming she'll be more than just a minor character. She made the announcement in a video posted to Twitter yesterday, with the caption, "Make your reservation now." No other cast members have been announced. Season Five will premiere on FX in October.

Madonna fell hard while performing at the Brit Awards last night. She was wearing a long cape, and her dancers were supposed to pull it off her, but something went wrong and they ended up yanking her down a small flight of stairs. Madonna regrouped and continued, and later said she was "fine."  

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden are probably not expecting twins. But that hasn't stopped our Big Fat Rumor of the Day! "OK!" magazine is reporting it saying that she supposedly told him the news on New Year's Eve. They just got married on January 5th and remember how that came out of nowhere? perhaps it wasn't so out of nowhere...ahem...shotgun wedding!

Doctors brought Bobbi Kristina Brown out of her medically-induced coma yesterday, and it did not go well. Bobbi suffered violent seizures, so the doctors decided to put her back in the coma. A source says, "This is a horrible setback. Everyone was hopeful that this was the sign that she'd turned the corner. We were so optimistic. Bobby Brown is taking this so hard; he was sure this was going to be a good day." 

Former "America's Top Model" contestant Mirjana Puhar was one of the victims in a triple homicide in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday. She was only 19 years old. The other victims were her boyfriend Jonathan Alvarado, and another a male friend. The murders happened at an apartment the three of them were sharing. The bodies were discovered by a friend who entered the apartment after hearing gunshots. Police have arrested 19-year-old Emmanuel Jesus Rangel and charged him with three counts of first-degree murder. Police believe he knew the victims, and the murders were drug related. There was money scattered around the house. Mirjana competed on the 21st season of "America's Top Model" last year. She was eliminated on the 10th episode.

There's a new trailer for "Frozen Fever." It's the "Frozen" short that will run before Disney's new "Cinderella" movie that comes out March 13th.

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Wednesday February 25

In the Big Fat Rumor of the Day, reports surfaced yesterday and gave people everywhere a mild heart attack. The rumors were that Jamie Dornan is "walking away" from the Fifty Shades of Grey franchise. E! News has confirmed that that is not the truth! A rep said, "All press reports are pure conjecture as the studio has not committed to a sequel as yet." But while that's true, some magazine reported that Jamie bailed because his wife, Amelia Warner, was allegedly uncomfortable with the BDSM material. Fans went crazy, not only at Jamie, but also his wife. He has signed a contract to play kinky billionaire Christian Grey in follow-up installments of the three-part book series. 

Congratulations to Naya Rivera! She is going to be a mom! The "Glee" star announced that she's pregnant with her and husband Ryan Dorsey's first child together. She put up a cute "bun in the oven" post on Instagram. Shaggy pointed out that she announced that on the same day that Big Sean's album came out. That was intentional. 

Yesterday, we showed you how well Christina Aguilera could do an incredible Britney Spears impersonation. Today, Ed Sheeran covers Christina's "Dirrty" on BBC Radio 1. What do you think?

Chris Brown was denied entry to Canada, just hours before he was supposed to perform in Montreal yesterday. He Tweeted, "Unfortunately I will not be able to perform in front of sold out crowds in Montreal & Toronto." It seems that he was denied entrance to Canada because of his previous felony assault charge, stemming from his attack on Rihanna back in 2009. He has since had a few other run-ins with the law. Of course we know that the Between The Sheets Tour with Trey Songz was initially postponed in late January because he hadn't completed his community service, as ordered by the judge.

Taylor Swift's recent reconciliation with Kanye West is suddenly making a LOT more sense. Apparently, they share a mutual obsession with Beyonce who is, like, one of the best at everything of ALL TIME. Taylor says, "It's normal for everyone to love Beyoncé, but I love her more than that amount, more than the normal amount." She says it's "arguable" that her obsession reaches an "unhealthy" level, "I try really hard not to let it get creepy. I just really channel it into a joyous admiration and appreciation." By the way, Taylor donated $50,000 in profits from her song "Welcome to New York" to New York City's public schools, but some people are complaining because it's a small amount, and Taylor reportedly made $64 million last year.  But a rep says she will continue to send donations as the proceeds come in. 

We get some brand new music from Rihanna today titled "Towards the Sun," which is taken from the soundtrack for the upcoming Dreamworks film, "Home" but RiRi not only will appear on the soundtrack for the film, she is the voice of the main character Tip. LISTEN TO IT HERE. Along with this song, the film's soundtrack is actually a full concept album from Rihanna that will include 12 original songs. The soundtrack is set to be released on March 17th. With this soundtrack on the way, that leaves us waiting on Rihanna's next solo album, which is set to be executive produced by Kanye West, and feature the lead single "FourFiveSeconds." 

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Tuesday February 24

Jimmy Fallon and Christina Aguilera played a game called Wheel Of Musical Impressions on "The Tonight Show" last night. Christina impersonated Cher singing the Folgers coffee jingle and Shakira doing the "Golden Girls" theme songs. But listen to how well Christina impersonates Britney Spears singing "This Little Piggy."

Last night, the BET Honors ceremony aired and Kanye West had just watched a package in which those who knew Kanye best, sang his praises. He started by saying, "I understand - maybe for the first time in my life - how it is to feel humbled." But he didn't stay humbled for too long. He used the early part of his speech to talk about his marriage to Kim Kardashian

Neil Patrick Harris sat down with "Live with Kelly and Michael" and they wanted to know all about his underwear "Birdman" skit at the Academy Awards. Kelly Ripa asked if his package was "enhanced"? NPH explained that in the dress rehersal, wearing just one pair of underwear was a little too thin. They doubled up on the layers but there was no sock! Ha!!

Ellie Goulding was out running Thursday morning when a stranger attempted to punch her in the face. Luckily, she is super fit and just signed on to take part in a Nike Women's race in London so her training came in handy as she dodged the punch and sprinted away. She Tweeted, "This old guy off his face literally tried to superman punch me on my run earlier it's a good thing I'm a brick did an impressive dodge."

The 20th season of "Dancing with the Stars" is shaping up pretty nice. In our Big Fat Rumor of the Day, NFL wannabe player Michael Sam will be part of the cast and NFL players historically have fared well on the show. Emmitt Smith and Hines Ward winning their respective seasons, and Jerry Rice, Jason Taylor and Warren Sapp finishing second. Other rumored contestants include Rumer Willis who was photographed this weekend pacticing with pro Val Chmerkovskiy. Also, "Bachelor" Chris Soules, Roseanne Barr, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler of the New England Patriots. But I don't think they'll put two football players on. The cast will be officially announced today on "Good Morning America". The show is set to premier on March 16th.

UPDATE: Here are your Season 20 pairs!
Charlotte McKinney and Keo Motsepe
Riker Lynch
and Allison Holker
Patti LaBelle
and Artem Chigvintsev 
Willow Shields
and Mark Ballas
Michael Sam
and Peta Murgatroyd
Rumor Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy
Noah Galloway and Sharna Burgess
Robert Herjavec and Kym Johnson
RedFoo and Emma Slater
Suzanne Somer
and Tony Dovolani
Nastia Liukin
and Derek Hough

Selena Gomez and Zedd have appeared together in photos and around the country recently leading us all to pop them into the Hot Couple Alert and since they aren't denying it, that makes them a couple, damn it. They were even hanging out at the Oscars after parties on Sunday night, so there. They just released Zedd's new track called "I Want You to Know" and of course, it features Selena.

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Monday February 23

"Birdman" won four Oscars last night:  Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and Best Cinematography. Eddie Redmayne won Best Actor for "The Theory of Everything" and Julianne Moore won Best Actress for "Still Alice". "Glory" won the Oscar for Best Original Song, that's the song Common and John Legend wrote for the movie "Selma". Their performance got a standing ovation, and a few tears in the audience. Then they gave a speech worthy of Martin Luther King's memory while accepting their award. The one moment you couldn't miss is the moment host Neil Patrick Harris pretended to get his robe stuck in his dressing room door and he had to go on stage in his underwear.

Leonardo DiCaprio helped throw a huge 27th birthday party for his alleged girlfriend Rihanna Friday night. Guests included Naomi Campbell, Mick Jagger, Beyoncé, Jay Z, and Russell Simmons. A source says Rihanna and Leo were dancing close all night.

Khloe Kardashian was driving an SUV in Montana with Kim, Kylie and North West inside, when they hit a patch of ice, spun out and ended up in a ditch on the other side of the road. Nobody was injured. Kim later Tweeted a picture of the Montana sky, with the caption, "Thank you God for watching over us and keeping us safe."

Aaron Carter, are you listening?? Hilary Duff has reportedly filed for divorce from her estranged husband Mike Comrie after nearly five years of marriage. She filed divorce papers shortly after rumors popped up about Mike having a wild night out with friends at a restaurant in Beverly Hills. They announced their separation in last January. Hilary is seeking primary custody of their nearly 3-year-old son, Luca. Meanwhile, "Fifty Shades of Grey" star Dakota Johnson has broken up with her boyfriend, a Welsh musician named Matthew Hitt. A source says they split sometime over the holidays, "Her life was getting too crazy and it wasn't something that he wanted to be a part of." 

Scarlett Johansson started a female pop group called The Singles with Holly Miranda, Kendra Morris, Julia Haltigan, and Este Haim (the oldest of the Haim sisters, plays drums). Their first single called "Candy." Scarlett says, "The idea was to write super-pop dance music written and performed by girls." 

Here are all the winners from the Academy Awards last night:

Best Picture:  "Birdman (or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)"
Best Animated Feature Film:  "Big Hero 6"
Best Director:  Alejandro Inarritu for "Birdman"
Best Actor:  Eddie Redmayne for "The Theory of Everything"
Best Actress:  Julianne Moore for "Still Alice"
Best Supporting Actor:  J.K. Simmons for "Whiplash"
Best Supporting Actress:  Patricia Arquette for "Boyhood"
Best Documentary Feature:  "CitizenFour"
Best Documentary (Short Subject):  "Crisis Hotline: Veterans Press 1"
Best Adapted Screenplay:  "The Imitation Game"
Best Original Screenplay:  "Birdman"
Best Foreign Film:  "Ida"  (Poland)
Best Film Editing:  "Whiplash"
Best Costume Design:  "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
Best Makeup and Hairstyling:  "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
Best Visual Effects:  "Interstellar"
Best Sound Mixing:  "Whiplash"
Best Sound Editing:  "American Sniper"
Best Production Design:  "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
Best Cinematography:  "Birdman"
Best Original Score:  "The Grand Budapest Hotel"
Best Original Song:  "Glory" from "Selma"
Best Short Film (Animated):  "Feast"
Best Short Film (Live Action):  "The Phone Call"
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