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Tuesday, June 25

Drake and Chris Brown have been offered one million dollars each to continue their feud in a boxing ring. The pair and their entourages were involved in a fight at a New York club earlier this month. A billionaire named Alki David made the offer and is willing to donate another million dollars to a charity if the guys agree to it. He says it will be for three one-minute rounds, and no one will get hurt.

By now we've all seen clips of Channing Tatum stripping in his new movie "Magic Mike".  Some new video surfaced over the weekend of Channing from his legit male-stripping days. There are scenes from two different dances. The first one looks like a finale where all the guys get together and dance to "YMCA" at the end of the night. Channing doesn't display much rhythm in that one. But he is wearing a grass skirt, which makes sense when you see the second clip, in which Channing and another guy are natives about to sacrifice a woman until a dude playing Tarzan shows up and chases them off. I doubt women are going to mind how well Channing dances. He looks fantastic and that's what counts.

Jennifer Lopez might be a germ-a-phobe. She has her own potty cover to ensure a germ-free bathroom experience. Her ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck had it made back in 2003. It contains real gems like sapphires, rubies, pearls and diamonds inside plastic. He paid $105,000 for the custom portable toilet seat.

Two members of One Direction allegedly shared a nice kiss onstage during a concert in Houston on Sunday night. Or at least, that's what some of their fans would apparently like to believe. Here's what happened: Harry Styles, "The Hot One", walks over to Niall Horan, "The Blond One", after the group's performance of "What Makes You Beautiful". He grabs his shoulder, leans in, and "kisses" him. Or, he's just leaning in to tell him something, if that seems more likely. Neither of these guys has responded to this nonsense, but after the show, Niall Tweeted, "Bedtime!  Great show in Houston!  Tired now!  Sleepies!"

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06/26/2012 8:59AM
Tuesday, June 25
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