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Tuesday June 24

On July 11th, "ESPN The Magazine" unveils its annual body. They released their first two preview pics yesterday: Tennis stars Serena Williams and Tomas Berdych. More photos will be released tomorrow. But I won't make you wait that long. CLICK HERE FOR SERENA! And CLICK HERE FOR TOMAS!

Slim Thug has been peeing himself. He actually put this on Twitter. (SEE IT HERE) Meanwhile, I'm shaking my damn head. He said, "I think ima need a diaper. I lightweight peed on myself tryna run to the restroom. This the second time it's happened. Does this happen from having too much sex or something?" Some things, you just wanna keep to yourself, you know?

Bow Wow is scrapping his stage name after one more week.  He says, "After BET Awards this weekend, I will no longer go by Bow Wow! I'm going by my real name, Shad Moss." Although I like to pronounce it Shaaad, it sounds classier. Whatev. He adds that he's outgrown "Bow Wow."

Kim Kardashian is having a rough day. Her assistant backed up her $300,000 Rolls Royce into a mailbox in the driveway last weekend. Kim has decided that she will cover the $20,000 repair bill for a large dent and scratches. It will also have to be repainted. Guess what? The assistant gets to keep her job.

Yesterday, we told you that Hope Solo was arrested for domestic assult. First of all, it sounds like there wasn't some crazy party at Hope's house after all. In fact, Hope showed up to Hope's sister and her nephew's house. Yes, she was drunk, and she was also angry that she'd missed a flight. Hope somehow got the idea that her nephew was talking smack about her, so she started cussing him out. So he called out to his mom, which prompted Hope to call him a p***y. Then he called her a c*** and she grabbed his hair and started whaling on him. So he went to his room to get a gun. It was an old gun that didn't actually work, but we assume Hope didn't know that. The kid pointed it at her, but she kept on coming! She finally left when he called the cops, but then she tried to get back in. That's when Hope's sister intervened, and caught a beating for her efforts. So the kid got a broom and started hitting Hope in the head with the handle, but she kept on coming!! Police finally got there and arrested Hope on domestic violence charges. Meanwhile, Hope appeared in court yesterday, where she pleaded not guilty to the charges. Her lawyer says she's the victim.

There are some interesting new details in the break up of Kendra Wilkinson and her husband Hank Baskett. In the Big Fat Rumor of the Day, he cheated on her with a transsexual while she was pregnant. It allegedly happened when Kendra was eight months pregnant, and their daughter Alijah was just born last month, so this is pretty fresh. The woman in question goes by the name Ava London, and Hank allegedly became interested after seeing some of her many YouTube videos. They arranged to meet, and Hank helped Ava "finish", if you will. Then he gave her $500 and told her to keep in touch. But when the Jennifer Lopez / Casper Smart transsexual scandal broke, he got scared. He started calling her constantly, begging her not to blab. He used several different numbers to keep in contact with her, including a pay phone. He even gave her $2,000, and promised her another 5-grand to keep quiet. But Kendra apparently found out, and that's why Hank moved out last Friday.

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Tuesday June 24
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Where is Serena? That pick is of Venus
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