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Tuesday, June 12th

HERE WE GO AGAIN! Lindsay Lohan may have LIED to the cops who were investigating her accident on Friday. Police showed up to the hospital where she and her assistant were being treated and asked her what happened. Apparently Lindsay told the police her assistant was driving, which obviously is NOT true, because the assistant already told the cops that Lindsay was driving! This could mean more trouble for Lindsay because lying to the police IS a crime. And remember, she may have finished her DUI probation, but she's still on probation for stealing that necklace. Here's another interesting bit of information. The producers of that Elizabeth Taylor movie had to insure Lindsay so she could join the cast. One concession they had to make was that Lindsay COULD NOT DRIVE. So you see where this is going right?? If she WAS driving that Porsche (which it seems that she was), she's in some trouble..................................again.

Maria Menounos recently revealed that she's been sexually abused by various doctors throughout her life. In one example, Maria says she was really young when she saw a doctor about a throat issue. The doctor made her put on a gown.........WHY? It's for her THROAT! She said, quote, I literally started screaming.......I was just so uncomfortable I didn't know what to do." Kevin, her boyfriend of 14 years, was in the waiting room at the time...he wanted her to press charges, but she just wanted to drop it. Another incident happened with a male gynecologist. Maria said she now brings Kevin into the exam room with her during appointments. Awkward or No? I thought awkward at first but I can understand her situation and trust issues. But still.......your boyfriend in the room while you're getting your ANNUAL EXAM?? I don't know.....

What the HELL is gong on with Brian McKnight lately? He has almost gone ALL the way down the road to Pornoville. He recently filmed the YouPorn music video for his XXX themed song "Let Me Show You How Your [meowww] Works." It involved 15 porn stars and a little person. Supposedly Brian WILL be in the video, but he won't be playing the lead role. That job will be filled by the little person...who goes by the name 5 cent. Sources say there won't be any hardcore action in the video but there WILL be some NEKKIDNESS!!

Snooki has narrowed her baby's name down to two. She and fiance Jionni LaValle are expecting their first child in September. They are planning to give it an Italian name, whatever the sex. The names she chose are Lorenzo and Giada. Snooki has also decided to give up alcohol completely.....at least while she's pregnant.

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06/12/2012 10:15AM
Tuesday, June 12th
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