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Mike Klien


Posts from November 2013

Happy Turkey from Delicia
In honor of the lovely holiday upon us, I wanted to share some happy television moments!

Here are 10 Thanksgiving TV Episodes That Prove NothingIs More Important ThanFriends And Family!!

But of course, my favorite one of these is the other scene from that "Friends" episode when Joey likes Rachel's "accidental" trifle. "What's not to like? Custard? Good! Jam? Good! Meat? Goooood!!" Haaaaaaaa!!!!
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Let's Get Married NOW!!!!
This is a sweet story I saw on People magazine's Twitter. This couple was planning a wedding for October, but had to scrap it since his deployment got extended so the Navy Sailor said he wanted to marry his high school sweetheart AS SOON as he saw her....which meant AT THE AIRPORT!!

And since yesterday was my wedding anniversary to Sexy Jim, here's another happily married couple!! Hee hee!!

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NBA celebrates Christmas - Impossible Jingle Bells!!
I don't even WATCH the NBA, but this is just ridiculous! I wonder how many times it took to make this happen without anyone missing! Great job boys!!!

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Bieber Flag Nonsense
For all the crap he's had to go through south of the border, you have to wonder if Justin Bieber will ever tour Latin America again. Now he's catching flak for disrespecting the Argentine flag. During his gig in Buenos Aires Saturday night, two flags were thrown up onstage. And he used both his foot and his microphone stand to sweep them off the stage, but aren't the people who crumpled them up and threw them onto the stage at a concert just as guilty of disrespecting them? Its punishable by law for up to four years in prison.

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Stop the cuteness!!
This adorable little boy named Marshall dressed up as a tiger to go to the zoo and the tiger cub named Kali at the zoo wanted to play with him!! This went down in Tacoma, Washington!

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Matthew McConaughey Impressions
If you like Matthew McConaughey, you'll love these celebrities trying to impersonate him!! It's funny!

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I got my FLU shot from KROGERS!!

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Pumpkin Hangover
That's it! Halloween is done, but instead of making you want to ram your head into a brick wall and pour out my love for the Christmas season, here's a leftover funny video from a dude pranking people as a scary pumpkin. My favorite one is the Miley Cyrus song. I was dying!!

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