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Posts from December 2012

United State of Pop 2012
As the year wraps up, we'll take advantage of DJ Earworm's mix of the top songs in 2012. It's pretty good! Thanks dude!!

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Anne Hathaway vs Samuel L. Jackson
Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway filmed a comedy spoof for Funny or Die about their respective movies opening up later this month. Samuel is in "Django Unchained" and Anne stars in "Les Miserables" and in this clip, they argue about who's movie is sadder. I don't know who the random woman that jumps up from behind yelling, "It's a sad off!" but that cracked me up. The whole thing is hilarious!!

WARNING: the language is NOT SAFE FOR WORK so be careful!!

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Pamper Yourself!!
You've spent the whole year saving up to take care of everyone else this holiday season. Wonderful. Great. Good for you. Now it's time to PAMPER YOURSELF!! It's time for you to take care of you and finally be #1 in Santa's life! You have to check out the special holiday packages at Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal! But you have to HURRY because this offer ENDS on December 31st. Call now!! 1-800-BE-IDEAL!!


I'm telling you, I had my bikini area treated before baby Carrot Stick started growing in my tummy and it's a good thing cause it's not like I can reach where I would need to reach anymore - ha ha ha!! But as soon as I have this baby, I'm heading back into Ideal Image so I can get my legs treated too! Woooo!

It's not like I'm the only one here either. Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal has performed over 2.5 million treatments in the last ten years and guess who's on that list with me?? Karina Smirnoff from "Dancing With the Stars!!" She is a guest at Ideal Image too and you know you didn't see ONE unwanted hair on that body during the All-Stars season. Watch this and see how Ideal Image changed her life...
Ideal Image is super easy to find in the Town Center Market Place in Virginia Beach. They're at 4725 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Suite 140 and just waiting for you to come in! Call them now for your FREE CONSULTATION at 1-800-BE-IDEAL and hurry!! These special holiday packages won't last long - offer ends December 31st!! It's all about YOU...
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Holiday Parties
It was holiday party time at school last week so Sexy Jim and I jumped at the opportunity to watch our girls in action. They sang and performed in their little classroom programs, but I'll admit, I really enjoyed cookie decorating time! Ha!! Noel and Karrington were adorable in front of their friends!! Then later over the weekend, we got to hang out with some of our grown up friends at the Santa Party. Those are my sweet cuppycakes, Darlene, JoAnn, Me and Natalia. Thanks for a great party, Jo!! And I suppose I had to add a picture of my cute little Julian, otherwise he would have felt left out, right??

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Happy Hanukkah!
Since I celebrated a bit of the holiday Christmas cheer last week and since Hanukka began on Saturday, here is by far the bestest Hanukka song ever made! Right??!
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T'was the Night Before Christmas
Just a little poetry to get you in the holiday spirit! Thanks Jimmy Fallon and Tracy Morgan!! Hee hee!!
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