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Posts from November 2012

NKOTB Christmas!
This is too hilarious!!  All my Blockheads will love this! Thanks to my bestie, Darlene, an even BIGGER New Kids on the Block fan that even myself. She sent this to me last night!! Of course, I should mention she is secretly married to Jordan Knight. However, I think you'll also appreciate the Three Wize Boyz II Men, too! And your dad will like that Johhny Mathis kicks it all off!

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Fruit Loops, anyone?
My mom and dad drove out from Missouri to visit us for Thanksgiving again this year. They just left this morning, boooo hoooo!! But last night, Nanny was teasing my sweet little Julian with some Fruit Loops and he was more than happy to take the bait! Talk about adorable!!

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Pink is FOR REAL!
That body is NO. JOKE. Wow, last night at the "American Music Awards" I could not take my eyes off of Pink's performance - she killed it in my opinion!! Amazing. That was better than any "Dancing With the Stars" performance. I mean the training she went thru to do all that, let alone the rehersal time with that dude. Kudos to him to, whoever he is!! 
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Keep the donations coming!!
Yesterday on "Ellen", your new Spider-ManAndrew Garfield, participated in a dance challenge for charity. He did everything from Gangnam Style to belly-dancing. And he raised 10-grand in the process. It's just nice to see that celebrities aren't done helping out!
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New Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson - "Catch My Breath"

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Anyone want some Ke$ha??
Kesha - "Die Young"

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It's that time again!!
It's only been like a week, but I haven't posted a picture of my kids and I guess I feel the need to do it again! Haaaa!!! My little man, Julian has discovered his favorite new phrase, courtesy of Aunt Natalia: it's "Oh Wow" Noel and Karrington are constantly asking him to say it! It's really cute. But this is after we went thru that about a million times one night! Too cute!!

But this was later in the weekend when we had about nine kids (baby J is asleep) running around and we lit a fire in the fire pit so we could do s'mores for dessert! Then we told ghost stories - too funny!!

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Is it too early for Christmas? Even if it's from BSB?

The Backstreet Boys performed their new song, "It's Christmas Time Again", at Disneyland on Sunday. It just hit iTunes today. It's the first new Backstreet Boys song with all five original members in over five years. Do you like it??


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