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After a long day at the Pint Party with our friends at the American Red Cross the little guys had a sleepover, sort of. Moms and Dads just wanted to relax so we put the boys down to sleep together, in matchy matchy jammies, nonetheless! This wasn't their first official slumber party, but as Joseph Natalia and Joe's little dude) and Julian (Sexy Jim and my little man) get older, it's fun to watch how close they get being just five DAYS apart! 

But speaking of Mama Natalia....boy was I proud of HER for donating blood at the Pint Party! That girl was afraid of needles like children are afraid of monsters and Nicodemus is afraid of commitment. Wait...ha ha! Anyhoo, I'm so happy that everyone came out to donate and HUUUUUGE thank you to those that did it for the first time or were super nervous coming out there. Ever since she was pregnant with her first son, Natalia wanted to donate, but obviously, we cannot donate while we're expecting. But after having Roman she was ready (not really, still scared to death!) to donate!  

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Pint Party Baby!!!
Yep! It's time again for another one of Tricia's Pint Parties!! Please oh please come out and help me save some lives by rolling up your sleeve and donating blood to the American Red Cross tomorrow, Friday October 26th. You can make an appointment now, but of course walk-ins are welcome too! 

And now for the sad story...many of you know I'm pregnant...and you cannot donate while your pregnant. Soooooo....I'm gonna need somebody to donate for me?? Can you do it for a pregnant girl that really wants to donate and wishes she could? Pretty please? Hee hee!! 

Here is the link to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!! I hope to see you there!! Bring someone with you, too!

If you are not sure if you can donate, click HERE to read thru the eligibility requirements!
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I Bought Some Cute Pumpkins!!
I hate to bore y'all with my kids again....oh who am I kidding? Of course I do! Ha ha ha ha!! We hit up Chubby's Pumpkin Patch in Chesapeake and I think I found some really cute pumpkins in that patch!! I've even named them and put them on the front porch: Noel, Karrington and Julian.

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Congratulations Sexy Jim!!
I'm a proud wife! I can't help it, but I being "that guy" right now.

Sexy Jim is being honored by "Inside Business" as on of the "Top Forty Under 40" in Hampton Roads!

He is the Co-Founder/Senior Partner of The Opus Group of Virginia and the love of my life!! They haven't released the pictures yet, but I'll post some as soon as we go to the event tonight. I just wanted to congratulate him because I'm so proud of him!!

I love you, Nutpie!!!!!!!!

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Say Cheese!!!
This weekend, we went to the JT Walk down at the oceanfront to help stomp ALS! Unfortunately, the weather took a drastic turn for the fall season and it was coooooold and rainy, but Sexy Jim, the kids and I had a great time nonetheless! We played around at Grommet Island Park for a while before the festivities began! Of course, once we got home, the girls were happy to put on their swim suits since they did quite understand that we were "going to the beach" but we weren't getting IN the water at the beach! Poor things, ha ha ha!! However....I feel like I should be worried about this last picture...I'm having visions of the girls in 20 years after a night out??? Help!!

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What about INNER beauty?
Jennifer Livingston, a TV anchor in La Crosse, Wisconsin, responds to a man who criticized her for being fat. I say, you go girl!! That is awful. Just awful!! That guy has big stones to actually write a letter to her. And good for her for reading it on the air!!

Ironically, Jennifer's celebrity brother is Ron Livingston and he is supporting her all the way, "My sister Jennifer brings an exceptional dedication to her job, her family, and her community. She's been a role model of mine for many, many years." You know him from "Office Space" and "Sex & the City" but he added that he's extremely proud of his sibing, who is also an Emmy-winning journalist and mother of three daughters.
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Pink! Pink! Pink!!!
PINK!! PINK!! PINK!!!!!! 
When you see pink this month, you probably already know it for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
On the Z Morning Zoo, we want to honor and recognize those of you in Hampton Roads 
that are fighting, supporting, losing or winning the battle against breast cancer!

Every morning at 7:10am, we will read a story of hope and encouragement, even struggle and loss 
Please send me a short paragraph to including
-what CITY each of you live in
Thank you for caring about your CHAMPION enough to email me
and get them recognized on the Z Morning Zoo!!
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