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Cupcakes for the Birthday Boy!
My little man turned ONE last week and it seems he enjoyed his cupcakes at school!!

Julian is a big boy now! Happy birthday little bulldog!

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Devin is a GENIUS!!
Devin is a genius!! She just has a knack for finding the coolest crap!! I know she already posted this, but it must be repeated. This time, it just happens to be the Five Guys guy! I was gonna blog about Jennifer Lopez doing a movie like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, but dayum, dayum, dayum!! If you've ever had a Five Guys burger, you'll appreciate the hell outta this, but if you're a Five Guys virgin, how can you continue to ignore it?? GOOOOO!!!!

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Improv Rocks!
If you want to see the top ten movie lines that were not scripted, click HERE!! It's actually pretty funny. It includes some of the most famous lines in American cinematic history (okay that was a little dramatic)!! I love improv, but I was surprised there are no Vince Vaughn or Will Ferrell movies included in this list. I would have thought there would be more comedies on the list, that's all.

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Can't wait for SMASH!!
I am so excited for "Smash" to come back on the air this fall! The show is reuniting "Will & Grace" well, Jack and Grace anyway. Sean Hayes will join Debra Messing on her second season for a few episodes. Sean will play Terrence Falls, a comedic TV and film star who is making his Broadway debut in the musical Liaisons, based on the novel Les Liaisons dangereuses. However, due to a series of comedic circumstances, he becomes a thorn in the side of Megan Hilty's Ivy and other characters. Sean becomes the latest addition to the ever-expanding Season 2 cast of "Smash." Broadway player Krysta Rodriguez, Andy Mientus, Jeremy Jordan and Jennifer Hudson have joined the series as the drama undergoes a creative reboot that will see the exits of Season 1 co-stars Brian d'Arcy James (Frank), Jaime Cepero (Ellis), Raza Jaffrey (Dev) and Debra's (Julia) former on-screen love interest Will Chase (Michael Swift)

I can't find the premier date?! Can someone help me? I can't wait!
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