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Mike, Ted, Madea and Other People

It's not just "Magic Mike" that comes out this weekend. Honestly, there are other movies in theaters today. Ha ha! It's just that if you are a red-blooded female, I don't know why you skip out on this. You must be crazy. Okay, but to apease the rest of the world, I will admit that yes, there are other choices in the box office this weekend. Here ya go!! Which one are you going to see?

"Magic Mike"




"People Like Us"


"Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection"


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Jordan Knight sings the hits!!

Have y'all seen the Old Navy commercials with Jordan Knight? Sure, they seemed cheesy, but I think they were kinda supposed to be right?? Haa haaa!!! But check THIS out - he totally made fun of it by singing the "Summer Catalog for Old Navy" and it's hilarious!!!

< param name="allowFullScreen" value="true">'s a refresher if you haven't seen any of the original Old Navy Commercials.

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But my whole day got brightened up yesterday thanks to the biggest Jordan Knight fan in the 757 (and beyond...) my bestest bestie, Darlene!! Yep, this is her and her 2nd husband. The girl even married her for real husband on Jordan's birthday. Sorry Tony. Haaaa!! She sent me that video and I about died laughing!!

I really could post lots more!! This girls is NUUUUUUTS about JK! But I'm nuts about YOU Darlene, so you're safe....for now!! Haaaaaaaaa!!



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Ryan Gosling is gonna make you sweat
You may not remember him way back when, but Ryan Gosling was a child actor. He was even on "The New Mickey Mouse Club" with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera from 1993 to 1995. But a video was posted on YouTube yesterday from 1991, when Ryan was performing at a Mormon talent show. The video has a brief clip of Ryan singing "When a Man Loves a Woman" but then he busts out some serious moves with his sister Mandi to the C+C Music Factory classic "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)". And no, Ryan's not a Mormon, but his parents were.

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Married Soap Opera Star BUSTED!!

A model named Melissa Stetten was on a flight with Brian Presley from "Port Charles" when the married actor began hitting on her. Little did he know she was Tweeting the whole thing to her 13,000 followers. HERE is the whole list of her Tweets, but she said some things like, "Brian is now talking about how he is an artist and believes everything happens for a reason, like how we're brought together on this flight." and "Brian has a wedding ring. I ask him how his wife is, he says he just wears the ring because he likes it. Right, Brian." Well he IS married to his former co-star from "Port Charles" Erin Hershey. They played Jack and Alison. They've been married since 2002 and have a son named Jack.

Here they are together on "The View" discussing overcoming addiction and hitting rock bottom.


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Sexy Body....

Now is the time to get your body right, but not just for summer, how about for FOREVER?! Wouldn't it be great to NEVER have to shave again? No more wax, no more creams, no more stinking disposable razors in your community pool house bathroom! Listen, there is a huge sale at Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal and I want YOU to take advantage of it!


Karina Smirnoff from "Dancing With the Stars" started out with her under arms, legs and bikini and then was a little embarrassed about her upper lip hair so she did that too! Those are the most common areas for women. For men, it's usually the unwanted back hair, but I have a friend who's getting his neck done since he breaks out every time he shaves. It looks so great now! But check out Karina's series of goodbyes for that UNWANTED hair!

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Call them today!! 1-800-BE-IDEAL or stop by to talk to someone - it's a FREE, no obligation consultation! They are in the Town Center Market Place in Virginia Beach. Tell them my crazy pants sent ya!!!  And don't wait, this 50% OFF sale won't last forever!

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