Halloween Light Show to "Party Rock Anthem"

This is pretty awesome! I don't know how people have the patience, let alone talent, to make this happen! You've got my respect!!
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My new nephew is here!!!

My brother Scott and his wife Renee, along with big sisters Rachel and Emily welcomed Christopher Michael yesterday!! Yippeee!!! Our due dates were a week apart and it looks like the boy cousins will be a week apart too. Congratulations guys!! I can't wait to meet him!! Daddy and baby Christopher...awww!!! Biggest sister Rachel and baby Christopher! Big sister Emmy and baby Christopher! Daddy is really proud of his crew! I love you Scotty!!!
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Pool time! Party time!

Noel still thinks she's got a boyfriend at this point. She's 4. She used to see Tyler at school every day, but he goes to the "big school" now since he's "older" ha ha!! Anyway, we got to hang out with Tyler, his little sister Josie and the other brother-combo that make up the magnificent six (soon-to-be eight, right Erin? Where are you Darlene?!) for Ty's birthday party last weekend. Ty, Josie, Karrington, Frankie, Noel, Trey Ty's daddy helped Noel with this fierce slam-dunk! My little fish, Karrington, kept jumping off the diving board! She loved it! Nine months pregnant and looooving the pool!! Tyler was too embarrassed to pose with Noey!       Happy      Birthday     Tyler!!
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Friends With Bodyguards

You may not have known this, but Mila Kunis was actually born in the Ukraine (Natalia's home country!!) back in 1983, when it was part of the Soviet Union, and moved here when she was seven. She doesn't have an accent, but she speaks Russian. Mila and Justin Timberlake were in Moscow the other day doing press for "Friends with Benefits", when one of the reporters asked Justin why he's doing movies now instead of music. That set Mila off for some reason, and she told the reporter off - in Russian. She said, "Why movies? Why not? What kind of question is that? Why are you here?" Justin, who was listening to translations of what everyone was saying through headphones, pointed to Mila and said, "This is my bodyguard." So cute! I had to post this because I just saw the movie the other day and I completely disagree with Nicodemus who saw it and said it sucked. I don't think he went into the movie knowing it was a romantic freaking comedy! Hello? Yes, it did have a lot of sexy sex time, but the movie obviously follows the relationship ups and downs for Justin and Mila's characters. Ha ha! Oh well, I'm just telling you the best parts weren't just in the preview. The whole thing was good and worth my time. But then again, I'm a movie ho. Hee hee!!
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For Darlene...

Jordan Knight featuring Donnie Wahlberg - "Stingy" I wish you could be her too, D!!
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Creeeeepy movie trailer! But I can't wait!

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig met on the set of this new movie, "Dream House" and were just married last month. But, this movie looks creepy. Can't wait, but I might have to wait till it comes out on DVD and then force Sexy Jim (who doesn't really love horror films) to watch it with me while I bury my face in his shoulder. Oooooh!!! Check it out!!!
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How to embarrass a pregnant girl 101

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Tricia + Natalia = future breakdancers??!

Can you just imagine me and Natalia (who's ready to have a baby in less than five weeks I might add!!) dancing like this??! In this video, they want women all around the world to have the same chance for a healthy baby as they do there in England. Good for them! Check out their website if you'd like. Otherwise, just watch the dancing - hilarious!! It begins at 1:24. There are two things I want to point out though. Right at about 1:38 I started screaming noooooooo....she went on her tummy!! Bad idea! Right? And then the chick in the red isn't pregnant. I mean there's no way Doesn't that look fake to you? Notice anything else that I missed? I just think it's funny to see that many pregnant girls dancing at the same time, let alone break dancing!! Haaaa!!!
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Lactation lash-out!!

I love this!! Totally the funniest thing I’ve heard all day – Stephanie, of of our favorite listeners told me about it on the News Channel 3’s Facebook page – thank you Miss Stephanie!! DELAWARE, Ohio— A central Ohio woman accused of spraying sheriff's deputies with breast milk is facing charges. Stephanie Robinette, 30, of Westerville faces charges including domestic violence, assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Robinette and her husband were guests at a wedding but got into a fight outside in the parking lot as the party was winding down. A 911 caller said,"She's intoxicated and she's swinging." The bride apparently attempted to calm Robinette, but she responded by locking herself inside her car, a red Honda. The 911 caller said, "I mean the bride's out here right now consoling her. They're friends. It's coming to blows. It's not good." Sheriff's deputies arrived and tried to talk to her but according to Sheriff Walter Davis she kept screaming profanities at the deputies. "Alcohol makes you do things you don't normally do under normal circumstances and obviously she had way too much to drink." After several failed attempts at kicking out the car's windows, Robinette finally exited the vehicle and unleashed her lactating breasts on the unsuspecting deputies. "Then, she took out one of her breasts and literally started pumping her breast to spray the milk on officers," said Sheriff Walter Davis. In court Monday, a much more sober Stephanie Robinette said she was deeply sorry for her actions. "I just want to apologize for this incident that occurred on Friday. I have no criminal record and I take these charges very seriously and I absolutely intend to seek help for substance abuse with alcohol because alcoholism does run in my family and I'm addressing that, and absolutely serious to go forward with counseling and rehabilitation."   Gets me thinking about what I could do after this baby is born in August...just kidding!!! Haaaaaa!!! Gross!!
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Anyone else HATE auto-correct?

For those of you who have the auto-correct feature on your phone and it screws you left and right, let me introduce you to your new favorite website. My girlfriend Michelle found this and called me one day cause she couldn't stop laughing. You'll see why.... How many times has this happened to you? Uuuugh! If we could only get in the habit of double checking each and every text that went out. And NOT spell check, that won't catch it! Sheesh!! Laugh at other people's misery! Don't worry, you won't get bored, there are over 400 pages of examples. And they update every day! Are any of yours worse?? **The language is NOT CENSORED so please be careful opening the site!!
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