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Baby Delicia #3

I hope you think he's as cute as I do!! As big sisters Noel and Karrington would say (they're all about the stage and show)...  "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, introducing...Julian Michael!!!!" The girls are really proud big sisters and love on him all the time! This is one of my favorite outfits - too cute! Back up to baby Schmoopie's day of birth...August 24th...here is me and Sexy Jim waiting for our little man to arrive And mama HAD to have some Krispy Kreme donuts after he arrived, thanks JoAnn!! Baby Joseph, Natalia and Joe's son, was born just five days before Julian... Joseph and Julian's first play date was in the hospital! Hee hee! And here is my favorite picture in his eight weeks of life so far...dreaming of happy things!!
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YAY!! My boy is our American Idol!

I went out on a limb yesterday on the Z Morning Zoo and said Kris Allen would win "American Idol" even thought everybody and their third cousin including Nick thought Adam Lambert was gonna win.  But I've liked Kris since about week 2. I likey like him...heee heee.  Well, guess what? I was right, Kris is our new American Idol! Suck on that one, Nickademus!! Ha ha! Look at his face - could Kris Allen have been more surprised?! After winning, he said, "It feels good man, but Adam deserves this. I don't know what to feel right now, this is crazy!"   425winneridollr052009
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