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Mike Woods



National Hug Day with Z104!!

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A Guy Gets Stabbed in the Head in Mexico . . . But Plays It Cool at the Hospital, Even With Scissors Sticking Out of His Brain. Get the full story HERE

A Cop Had His Girlfriend Pulled Over . . . So He Could Propose to Her Check out the story HERE

The New "Invisible Boyfriend" Service Creates a Fake Relationship For You . . . With Texts, Calls, and Even Photos Check it out HERE

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This is the stuff that NIGHTMARES are made of . . . and it's going to affect how every single person listening right now approaches their trips to the bathroom today. Check out the full story HERE

Okay, you're on a plane, people are boarding, and the seat next to you is still open. Obviously you hope NO ONE sits there. But what's the WORST possible scenario? Check out this story HERE

If you're going to break into a building because you need a toilet THAT badly, don't you think you'd actually USE the toilet once you got there? Check out this story HERE

Anthony Pinnisi and Chloe Albrite are students at Patriot High School in Nokesville, Virginia . . . and even though it's a few months away, they're already thinking about going to prom. Not with each other, though. Check out the full story HERE
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So it's come to this. Well, society, we've had a good run. But it's over... Say hello to the "BELFIE STICK" YES.. THE BUTT SELFIE STICK... Check it out HERE

Apparently there's a fine line between putting a photo of yourself on Facebook, and keeping chopped up body parts in your freezer. Check out this story HERE
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 Today's young people have heard old people whining about how contemporary music is vulgar, nihilistic, and crass . . . and this chart may prove that these old fogies are actually RIGHT. Check out the full list HERE 

Colcord, Oklahoma is the 247th largest city in Oklahoma . . . but it might be number one in terms of POLITICAL DRAMA. Check out what the police cheir was arrested for HERE 

This past weekend, something called SantaCon happened in various cities around the country . . . that's where people dress like Santa, go on a bar crawl, and get hammered.For one dude, though, it was the PERFECT cover. Check it out HERE
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Meet the woman who eats a FULL ROLL of toilet paper.. EVERY DAY... HERE.

Are these the 10 worst movies this year? Check out the list HERE 

14 things you may NOT have known about 2014's biggest songs. Check out the list HERE 

A couple got sick of a guy stealing their packages... so they bair him using a fake package filled with WHAT?! Check out the pictures HERE and the video below:

Putting ornaments in your beard is a trend this Christmas? Check it out HERE 
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HERE'S why you should pleasure yourself before your company Christmas party

Two guys try to get their stories straight in the back of a cop car... not realizing they're being recorded haha you gotta see this! Check it out HERE 

What's the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word "Christmas"?  
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Last year, a couple in Nebraska couldn't make it to the hospital, pulled over on an exit ramp, and had their baby in the car.  Which isn't that crazy.  But on Thursday, the same thing happened AGAIN.  They had another baby in the same spot, on the same off-ramp. WEIRD! Get the full story HERE 

Researchers in Montreal recently put female rats in tiny jackets, and had male mice mate with them.  And after that, the male mice were more likely to want to mate with females that had the jackets on.  The researchers say it's proof that men like lingerie, because they've learned to associate it with sex?  Get the full story HERE 

 I personally don't get the erotic qualities of dressing up in a head-to-toe animal suit . . . but I don't hate the people who DO.  Apparently someone out there isn't as open-minded . . . and HATES FURRIES to the point of TERRORISM... Check it out HERE 
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Z104 Stuff The Bus Video Update

Stuff the Bus - Day 5 Update (Grand Finale)

Stuff the Bus - Day 4 Update

Stuff the Bus - Day 3 Update


Stuff the Bus - Day 2 Update


Stuff the Bus - Day 1 Update

Find out more at Z104.com/stuffthebus!

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At some point in school, we all had that moment when we were super stressed out over a test, and needed to blow off steam.  As far as we know, no one has EVER blown off steam the way this guy did. YIKES.. Check out what he did HERE 

One of the biggest complaints people have about Tinder is that it's so superficial . . . you're basically judging people JUST by how they look in their photos, and nothing else. So a new app is trying to make things LESS shallow . . . by ALSO letting you judge people on how much money they make. Check it out HERE 


A girl that was on stage dancing with DIERKS BENTLEY projectile vomited in front of the whole crowd.  It happened during "Drunk On A Plane", and to lighten the mood he improvised and sang, "Don't know why, she's puking up on the stage." Check out the video below:



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