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Shaggy Interviews Ty Dolla $sign before his show at the Norva

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French folks are FREAKING OUT over an "ART PIECE" that was installed in Paris...it's supposed to be a "christmas tree" but apparently it looks EXACTLY like a SEX TOY haha See the pictures HERE

On Thursday, a woman in Columbus, Ohio who hasn't been identified called 911, and told them her sister had a high fever. Which COULD be an emergency. But if someone has a fever, you can usually just DRIVE them to the hospital. But what she said to get the police to come faster... was INSANE! Get the full story HERE

Yahoo released a list of the most searched for Halloween costumes right now. And apparently EVERYONE is planning to go as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. HERE are the top ten costumes people have been searching for.

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GOOD NEWS: A single mom, who is also a veteran, is getting her house renovated FOR FREE! Pics and details on the story are HERE

Two women got arrested after they paniced and pulled out a gun on school property.. to shoot a snake?! Full story HERE

Has one of your neighbors ever gotten a package someone sent you? Usually it's not a problem, and they just bring it to your door... but NOT in this case! Find out what arrived on one neighbors doorstep HERE

Here's something to freak you out: A third of your neighbors are SPYING ON YOU.Check out these stats HERE
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Z104's "Shake It Off"

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Last month, three guys BASE jumped at night from the observation deck of a 1,400-foot building in Malaysia . . . and landed in another building's rooftop POOL, where a huge group of friends were cheering them on. And now there's pretty cool helmet cam footage of it, below:

I'm not sure the world is ready for Ebola jokes right now . . . considering that yelling, "I have Ebola" in a public place will get you quarantined and possibly arrested. But Halloween's never been about restraint.. check out the new EBOLA CONTAINMENT HALLOWEEN COSTUME HERE
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When I book a hotel, the only perks I'm hoping for are complementary wireless Internet and a free Danish in the morning . . . and I'm usually too poor to even book a place that can meet THOSE meager demands. On the other end of things . . . HERE is a new list of five of the most ridiculous hotel perks that rich people can get at high-end hotels . . .

Is This the Scariest Halloween Decoration Ever? Check it out below:

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What's the most you've ever tipped a pizza guy? Five dollars? Maybe ten if it was a huge order? Whatever it was, a group of college students in Indiana has you beat. Full story HERE

A burglar is caught because he had sex with a stuffed animal during a break in.. AND the weirdo left behind his DNA! Full story HERE

Thursday had to be both the BEST and WORST day of these two people's lives. Full story HERE

A new survey asked both men and women which sports make the other sex look the SEXIEST and LEAST SEXY. Check out the results HERE

It's really, really, really, really hard to say our country has its priorities in order when creating six-second butt shaking videos is a WAY better career path than educating America's youth...FULL STORY HERE
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On Monday's "Tonight Show" Jimmy Fallon and will.i.am debuted a new song called "Ew!" based off one of his skits that he does on a regular basis, most recently with Taylor Swift.

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Jimmy Fallon feat. will.i.am - Ew! (Official Music Video)

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Beyonce Didn't Show Up!!

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