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Thursday June 5

The second video of a young Justin Bieber saying the N-word is out. This time, he changes the lyrics of his song "One Less Lonely Girl" to "One Less Lonely Ninja". It includes Justin gleefully singing, quote, "If I kill you, I'll be part of the KKK, then there will be one less lonely ninja." Justin was 14 at the time and that Justin's handlers intentionally allowed it to surface online, because he wants to "own up to what he did." This comes just days after Justin apologized for another video, where he tells a racist joke that includes the N-word.  His excuse was basically that he was just a kid at the time, and has since learned how much certain words can hurt. Supposedly, the people who had the videos have tried to extort Justin over the years, but the shakedown never worked. It sounds like there aren't any more of these videos but at this point, who knows. Bieber also informed Usher and Will Smith of the video years ago, explaining it was a stupid thing to do. Usher reportedly responded by showing Justin historically racist videos so he would understand how offensive his actions were.Justin hasn't directly commented on the second racist video but he did post a PICTURE HERE of some Bible passages on Instagram. There are three verses, two from the book of John and one from Isaiah and all of them deal with forgiveness and salvation for your sins.

Lana Del Ray has a choking fetish. She tends to have a guy's hand on her throat in several videos and some of her promotional photos. When asked why, she said, "I like a little hardcore love." For some examples, Lana is being choked on the cover art for her single, "Blue Jeans".  There's also some choking imagery at the end of the video. Also, a man puts his hand over her throat two minutes into her video for "Born to Die".  And at the 2:41 mark in her video for "Summertime Sadness", she's choking somebody and is biting off their ear in front of an old Hollywood poster.

Rihanna's new ads for her Rogue perfume have been banned from public places in Britain because they're too sexy. Although by Rihanna standards, they're really not that bad. Check out the pictures HERE and see if you think it's that bad? Meanwhile, Rihanna changed her Twitter avatar to a picture of Peter Griffin from "Family Guy" wearing her see-through dress.

Mariah Carey put out her latest album "Me. I Am Mariah...The Elusive Chanteuse" this week and guess what? It only sold 58,000 copies in its first week! That's the lowest selling album debut of her career.

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06/05/2014 6:12AM
Thursday June 5
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