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If a park ranger is hammered drunk, who's going to save hikers who get trapped under rocks and have to saw their own arms off? More importantly, who's going to protect America's pic-a-nic baskets? More details on this story HERE

There's a coffee shop in Everett, Washington called Java Juggs, and it was basically like the Hooters of coffee shops. The baristas were all sexy, young women who wore very little clothing while they served $6 cups of coffee.. check out the pics HERE

It's clear that no matter how many stories we hear about the dangers of texting and driving, we're not going to stop. But if ANY story was going to change your behavior, it might be this one. More details HERE

The very first Denny's in Manhattan opened over the weekend. And how did they celebrate finally cracking the New York City market? By selling a breakfast approximately 6,000% more expensive than their average breakfast. More details HERE
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