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I heart jewelry...

My friend Jocelyn is AMAZING! She knows that I LOVE jewelry & in her spare time she makes she made the "Natalia" for me! I can't wait to sport it with a sweater & some boots...chunky sweaters requires big pieces of jewelry! Isn't it gorgeous!? Thanks again Joce! I'll have to post some pics of me sporting it! I don't know what my deal is today...but I am dragging! The day seems to be dragging...I'm dragging. I need a nap. I wish those were allowed! Anyway, I am glad the Fall is here...but I am also sad because I feel like I have lost my husband!! I've lost him to......FOOTBALL! Football Sunday, football he has season tickets to ODU football games! FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL! I guess I need to get used to it! That's how it's going to be for a loooonnngggg time. But in all fairness I'd rather he be into football then into something not so gambling? I dunno- it was the first thing that came to mind! Alright...I need to go find something to perk me up! More blogging later on this week!

09/21/2010 1:55PM
I heart jewelry...
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09/22/2010 1:01AM
Jocelynn Cateternam
yay! i am so happy you like it. admittingly one of the reasons why it took me some time to get this piece over to you was because I was a bit nervous about making sure it was just perfect for you and that you would truly love it! Let me know if you need anything else!!!! enjoy! and yes,please post pics of you rockin' it! Work it out girl!
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