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Wardrobe Wednesday 4/23/14

@EinsteinOtters_ I SEE YOU GIRL! Lookin fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

@Dfresh511 CAN'T DECIDE?? I know the feeling....sweet collection! Thanks for sharing!

@EmileeighRaine YOU'RE A ROCKSTAR!

@one4chunk I can't even take the cuteness! Thanks for sharing lady! I love it!!

@BatchKaila Another one who can't decide! I feel you! What a collection! I love them all!!

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Bria Kelly singing Rolling in the Deep on The Voice

Bria Kelly was the first to perform on The Voice last night and she did such a great job! Watch the video of her performing Adele's hit "Rolling in the Deep."


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Wardrobe Wednesday 4/16/14.....HOODIES

It's #WardrobeWednesday and since Winter decided to show it's ugly stupid face again, tonight's theme is your FAVORITE HOODIE! It can be a College hoodie, work hoodie, or maybe even your BF's hoodie! If it's your FAVORITE, I wanted to see it!

@TigerLily0615 sportin her man's hoodie! The shades are a nice touch too!

@BCchillennnnnn lookin like a crazy person in her stalker hoodie! Love you babydoll!

@lovecrimlaw Your face though haha. Thanks for sharing! MUAH!! =)

@EmileeighRaine is a HUGE POISON fan so OF COURSE this is her favorite hoodie! Thanks for sharing EM!

@jamntif (Jack) and his son Chris sportin their favorite hoodie for #WardrobeWednesday! Thanks guys! Lookin good!

@AntwoinAnthony Ok I'm not gonna lie, you look a little scary in this picture!! LOL! But you rock nonetheless! Thanks for sharing!

@bekah80xoxo I agree! BEST HOODIE EVER! Got to spread awareness! Thanks for sharing lady!

@aham712 OH LOOK WHO IT IS! My ex-intern Awkward Austin wearing his favorite hoodie!

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Marble Nail Art....SO FREAKIN' COOL!!!

If you love doing your nails, then you HAVE to check this out. Ever heard of Marble Nail Art? If not, it's a new nail trend that if you saw it on someone's nails you'd think "holy crap that's awesome, she must have a great nail artist." But no, this is something you can do at home and it's SUPER EASY and TOTALLY AWESOME! Check out this video and watch in amazement! I cannot wait to try it out myself!

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Drake in disguise interviews people about HIMSELF

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Wardrobe Wednesday

@MSVAUS2012 These are SUPER FIERCE! But I guess when you're a beauty queen, "fierce" is your lifestyle! Thanks for sharing!

@Wendy_Spain I see you rockin' the snake skin! Love these!

@JessieBessie21 Ummmmm.....if you're by chance a size 9 or 9 1/2 I'm gonna need to borrow these lol! C-U-T-E!!

@PaRii757 Thanks for sharing! These are great! Work it out lady!!

@Jackieee22 I know the feeling, when you can't pick just one pair! LOVE THESE! Thanks for sharing babydoll!
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Fire breaks out in car almost killing 2 people....HOAX??

This video has been circulating the internet. These kids are just singing along to Adele when one of the kids in the back seat makes a stupid move, setting the entire car ablaze. HOWEVER, I think it's a hoax. It just seems too planned out. I mean they have a camera set up on the dash board for pete sake. And hello, who can't open a car door from the inside?? You don't exactly need a college degree to figure that out. Then again, I could be wrong. Maybe it IS real. But I'm stickin to my opinion. Watch and you decide.
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Beyonce crying and thanking fans at her last show in Lisbon

Beyonce has been on the The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour for just under a year. She did 132 shows............132 SHOWS! Watch as she breaks down on stage during her last show in Lisbon, thanking her fans for all their love and support. She is such an amazing woman AND performer. Seeing things like this just makes you realize that no matter how LEGENDARY she becomes or has already become, she's still humbled by it all. All hail Queen B! =)
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My old intern Awkward Austin caught singing I FEEL PRETTY

My former intern turned employee, Awkward Austin, stopped by to visit me. And I don't know what came over me, but I just REALLY wanted to put make up on him! I mean, if you saw his eyelashes you would understand. They're GLORIOUS! So I did, but it must have woken up the girl inside of him because this happened.......ENJOY!! Can you believe he's single?!
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Helmet cam of guy who base jumped from World Trace Center in NYC

HOLY POOP! I don't do heights. These people are NUTS! But it did make for a pretty cool video. However, James Brady, Kyle Hartwell, Marko Markovich, and Andrew Rossig were charged with burglary, reckless endangerment and jumping from a structure, according to a statement issued by NYPD Commissioner William Bratton.
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