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The 24th Ig Nobel Prize ceremony was held last Thursday at Harvard . . . that's the awards ceremony for the STUPIDEST and most RIDICULOUS scientific experiments of the year, HERE are some of the winners . . .

"Now That's What I Call Music!" series has been around since 1998 . . . and with 51 installments and counting, you can bet it's fed us more than a few DOGS over the years. Well, Vulture.com has decided to comb through the entire series and call out the worst song on each album. They released the first 20 over the weekend. Check it out HERE

The website io9.com has put together a list of "10 Weird TV Show Ideas That the Networks Keep Trying Over and Over." Now, it's not surprising that they'd repackage successful shows instead of doing something CREATIVE. After all, Hollywood does this ALL THE TIME with movies. But this list focuses on ideas that have, for the most part, FAILED. Check it out HERE
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You know people have realized cockfighting is bad when it's even frowned upon in MEXICO. Check out this story HERE

2004 doesn't SEEM like it was that long ago . . . until you realize it was a full DECADE ago. Here are 10 sentences that wouldn't have made ANY sense 10 years ago . . . Check them out HERE

Cocktail trends have really changed over the past 10 years . . . I'm pretty sure no one was talking about mixologists or cotton candy-flavored vodka in 2004. So what drinks have managed to stay popular for the entire decade? Find out HERE
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McDonals is offering FREE COFFEE! Free coffee, with your breakfast, through September 29th. This is the SECOND time they have pulled the FREE COFFEE stunt... but this time they are hoping to get enought publicity off it it, to put MCAFFEE PRODUCTS IN STORES!

There is a new app that tells you HOW MANY TIMES A DAY YOU CHECK YOUR PHONE! This app is perfect for Kyle, I always get on him for being on his phone WAY TOO MUCH. The app is called CHECKY! It tells you how many times you check your phone and you can add friends and COMPARE who is on their phone more! Its for iPhones and Androids in your marketplace!

No days theres barbies and dolls that can pretty much do ANYTHING..They have babies.. they can drive.. they can surf... they can cook they can talk..and NOW there is a barbie that can CURSE! Thats right, a Barbie with a potty mouth! The doll is a part of a Barbie web reality series called BARBIE LIFE IN THE DREAMHOUSE.. It says things like "Amaze!" "There's no substitute for glitter!" and "WHAT THE F#@* !! Listen to it for yourself... does it say wtf?!

What state HATES Virginia drivers the most?! Find out HERE
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A high school senior in Canada was suspended after he got caught dealing something from his locker. Find out what it was HERE

Coca-Cola was selling a limited supply of their mid-'90s soda, SURGE, on Amazon yesterday . . . and it all sold out IMMEDIATELY. They hadn't sold it in the U.S. since 2002, and it's not clear when they'll be selling more. Details HERE

A 69-year-old woman in Florida was arrested on Friday after she got into it with her son . . . and sprayed FEBREZE in his face!? More details on the craziness HERE

There's nothing worse than JUST missing the cutoff for breakfast at a fast food place. But THIS is INSANE.

There's nothing as perfect as an idiot criminal who THINKS he's a genius criminal . . . and that's EXACTLY what we've got HERE.

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Hunger Games

Here ya go
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Disturbing News: A 34-year-old in California was arrested last week for animal cruelty and stalking his ex-girlfriend. Because they broke up last month, and he stole her dog. Then they got back together, and he cooked dinner for her . . . but it turned out he'd tricked her into EATING THE DOG. More details on the story HERE

A publisher in Thailand recently printed a bunch of textbooks with a woman on the front holding a binder that says "Mathematics". And apparently they just grabbed the photo off Google Images . . . because it turns out she's a PORN STAR, and the photo is from one of her movies... Check out the photo HERE

This is a great example of the unexpected side effects of old people using technology. Get the full story HERE
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A Florida woman is making a profit of her dog.. claiming its a new fashion craze..PURSES MADE FROM DOG HAIR? No lie, check it out HERE

A virginia yoga studio feels heat after a clever, but somewhat offensive, September 11th promotion. See what they did HERE

If you haven't heard, there's a romantic comedy on the way about the religious dating site Christian Mingle. Here it is:

Taco Bell is allegedly working on tortilla-chip-crusted FRIED CHICKEN to go with the "Biscuit Tacos
" they're testing out. It's not clear if they're using Doritos or not. But you can check it out HERE

A woman landed at the airport in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday, and found out her luggage had been damaged. So to help her get where she was going, the airport gave her an unclaimed suitcase as a replacement bag . . . filled with PLASTIC EXPLOSIVES. More details on the story HERE

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Channing Tatum .. Graze

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One game into the season, do you already feel like your NFL team is mathematically eliminated from the playoffs? That's what being a tortured fan is all about.We've got the results of a new study that figured out the most TORTURED sports cities in the country. They looked at the 41 American cities with at least one pro baseball, football, basketball, or hockey team... check it out HERE

You may've heard of something called the "fire challenge" over the past few weeks . . . it's an idiotic viral video thing where you put rubbing alcohol on your skin, then set it on FIRE. You're supposed to put the fire out quickly, but plenty of people still wind up badly burning themselves. Again . . . IDIOTIC. Also idiotic? A woman just tried to use it as an excuse to get out of jail... check it out HERE

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A Swede posed as a homeless man in a affluent neighborhood & planned to give passerby TWICE THEIR MONEY BACK.. no one offered money however..So he and his crew went to a poor neighborhood where he was given money by 34 different strangers... more details on that story HERE

There's a photo making the rounds online of a new pumpkin-spice flavored CONDOM made by Durex. Unfortunately . . . or fortunately . . . it's a hoax. They're not really making them. .. More details HERE

The Olive Garden was running a promotion yesterday where you could pay $100 for a pass to get seven WEEKS of endless pasta. But they were only offering a thousand of them, and they sold out almost immediately... were you lucky enough to get one?! More details on the story HERE

Breaking news: Everybody's racist. Try not to look so shocked.. example HERE and you gotta watch this video.
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