Crossfit FAILS. If you are still sticking to your Resolutions of working out & you need a little laugh/motivation...check out these workout FAILS!

Next week...

Get ready to hear my voice in the MORNINGS! AHHHHH! Your beloved Tricia delicia is going on a much needed and well deserved vacay to visit family! Don't worry~ She WILL be back in just a week! Just wanted to get your prepared! I don't know if my body is ready for the lack of sleep...oye. On a random note: Apparently ladies in the US are flocking to plastic surgeons to get work done on their feet just so they can fit into designer shoes, pain free. The Beverly Hills Aesthetic Foot Surgery currently offers a variety of nip/tucks for your hoofs. One is a preventative bunion correction surgery called the "Cinderella procedure", which makes feet more narrow. Or there's the "Perfect 10! Aesthetic toe shortening" that will keep your little piggies from being crammed into tight shoes. And then there's the "Foot-tuck fat pad augmentation". This procedure uses fat sucked from the patient's abdomen and is then injected into the balls of the feet for more cushion while standing in those painful heels.
I LOVE shoes but there is NO WAY that I would get any of those procedures done! That's just CRAZY! Would you???

07/29/2010 3:58PM
Next week...
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