After a long day at the Pint Party with our friends at the American Red Cross the little guys had a sleepover, sort of. Moms and Dads just wanted to relax so we put the boys down to sleep together, in matchy matchy jammies, nonetheless! This wasn't their first official slumber party, but as Joseph Natalia and Joe's little dude) and Julian (Sexy Jim and my little man) get older, it's fun to watch how close they get being just five DAYS apart! 

But speaking of Mama Natalia....boy was I proud of HER for donating blood at the Pint Party! That girl was afraid of needles like children are afraid of monsters and Nicodemus is afraid of commitment. Wait...ha ha! Anyhoo, I'm so happy that everyone came out to donate and HUUUUUGE thank you to those that did it for the first time or were super nervous coming out there. Ever since she was pregnant with her first son, Natalia wanted to donate, but obviously, we cannot donate while we're expecting. But after having Roman she was ready (not really, still scared to death!) to donate!  


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10/30/2012 9:30AM
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