Crossfit FAILS. If you are still sticking to your Resolutions of working out & you need a little laugh/motivation...check out these workout FAILS!

Dear Sunshine,

Please come back. Please bless us with warm weather...I'm realllllllly over the rain and cold. It makes things so...depressing. Getting out of bed in the morning seems impossible. I just want to lay there...all. Day. Long. That's not very productive. Anyway, I am looking forward to your return and hope you visit us SOON! Love, your lazy-long lost lover Natalia Alright, enough of me being salty about the rain! You know what sounds amazing right about? Pizza and cookies. They go hand in hand in my mind. That is why DiGiorno is brilliant! They have started selling FROZEN pizza and COOKIES- yes, TOGETHER! In the same box!!! You can get pizza and chicken wings together as well. That does not excite me as much but I know Joe my hubby would be excited about that. They are probably pretty unhealthy for you...but it sounds nice on a rainy day! MMmmm comfort food! It really must be a slow gossip day...outlets are reporting that Mo'Nique finally shaved her legs! I know...she used to be very hair...but really? I don't need updates on her shaving! LOL! AND they even attached a close up pic of her legs to prove it. So, here you go (your day is now complete!) You can now say that you are up to date on all of the important gossip.

01/26/2011 5:12PM
Dear Sunshine,
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