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The Z104 crew SHAKES IT OFF

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If guy roommates acted like girl roommates

This video is everything. LOVE IT!

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Another blog about BOOBS because BOOOOOOOBS!!

FALL is a wonderful season. But not for everybody. Not for us big boobed girls.


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A couple BOOB FACTS for ya

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I figured you might want to hear some pretty sweet facts about your breasticles. # 14 is going to ruin my life, I sleep on my stomach ALL THE TIME. I'm screwed.

Click HERE to get your boob on.
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My weekend involved drag queens.....wanna see?

HEYYYYYY. I don't know how your weekend went, but mine was filled with drag queens. Lots and lots of drag queens. And one, specifically, who ate dollars out of my hooker boots. Haha, I made her work for it, or him, he/she, whatever. It was a friends birthday so we went to PF Changs at Town Center for dinner. I had never been before, it was pretty good. Then we decided to go out, but nobody could decide where. Well, I knew just the place. THE GAY BARRRRRRR. There's nothing more fun than going to a gay bar and watching the drag shows. These bi**ches WORK for that dollar. Plus the drinks are always stronger in gay bars, I don't know why, but that's besides the point lol. I posted a few pics from our crazy night below. Take a look. And peep out that red lipstick I'm rockin say WHAAAAT. 

^^^^^^^^ DON'T ASK LOL.
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Group Halloween Costume Ideas

Because it's always more fun to do a group themed costume. So with Halloween right around the corner, and the fact that you're desperately trying to figure out what you want to do, check out some of these awesome ideas. Number 10 is a bit random and strange though I gotta tell ya.....maybe avoid that one.
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What do I do when I get bored at work?

.......I go into the sales pit and take SELFIES of course! Seriously, I was so bored. I'm pretty sure Kyle, AKA DJ CANROCK, was getting annoyed with me. Because not only was I sitting right next to him while I took selfies, I also kept eating his nuts.

Get your filthy mind out of the gutter. I'm talking about his Wasabi Almonds, which by the way, were delicious. I wonder where he keeps them.....I must investigate this when he leaves today. Shhhhh.....

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Channing Tatum teaches us the D*ck Graze, and it's EVERYTHING

Just watch. That's all I can say.

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My birthday vacation was AWESOME!

First off, shout out to all my fellow VIRGOS! My birthday was September 4th and I took that Thursday and Friday off just because. Well, I need to brag a little about my boyfriend for a minute because he made my entire birthday weekend SO INCREDIBLY SPECIAL.

It started on Thursday. Unfortunately, he had to work that day and couldn't take off. But he left work a little early. He walks in the door with gorgeous flowers and a beautiful card for me. He then tells me to put my shoes on and to get in the car. Once we got in the car, he tells me to put on this blindfold he had with him. He obviously didn't want me to see where he was taking me. Next thing you know, we end up at the Verizon store where he buys me a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5, AT FULL PRICE MIND YOU! And as if THAT wasn't enough, he also bought me a some Beats by Dre! SAY WHHAAAATTT??!! Once we were done there, we went and grabbed Chinese food to take home and we just relaxed and watched movies all night. Then, on Friday, once he got off work, we went out to eat at Olive Garden. YUMMY! This girl LOVES pasta! We had a really nice evening there and then came home. I was under the impression that I would just get inside, get into my comfy clothes and just relax. But ohhhh no, I walk in to a SURPRISE PARTY! He had been planning it ALL WEEK! I have NEVER had someone throw me a surprise party before. He had decorations and everything, and even had one of our friends bake me a birthday cake. We all hung out that night, drank a little bit....or a lot, I'll never tell....and just enjoyed the evening with our friends. It was the absolute BEST birthday I have ever had, and it was all because of him. I am so thankful for such a wonderful man and he has made the last 2 years so incredible. OH AND P.S.--I dyed my hair BLUE! Well, blue, pink, and purple.....but mostly blue. I LOVE IT. Below are a few pictures. Thank you Matt, for everything. You are my best friend and I am the luckiest girl in the entire world. I love you to the moon and back.

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Are you a girl with mostly guy friends? Then get in here!

For all my ladies who have mostly guy friends, this one's for you! Some people may not understand it, but those people can go suck an egg. Because this list of the '22 things that happen when you're a girl with mostly guy friends' is on POINT. # 9 is ESPECIALLY awesome. Just sayin'....

Click HERE to see the list!
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