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Posts from February 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer
Here it is! The official trailer for the upcoming Marvel movie "Guardians of the Galaxy"!!

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Everything WRONG with the Notebook in 10 mins.
Guys everywhere...you're welcome.

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Watch this video CAREFULLY...do you see what WE saw??
They showed this girl's phone up close during a news story, and guess what popped up in her browser search history?? Look CAREFULLY or you'll MISS IT!!

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Watch this kid watch Superman fly
I hope the director of Man of Steel saw this video of one kids reaction to seeing Superman fly for the first time. It's gotta be one of those "this is why I make movies" kinda moments! Check out this kid!

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You've got to see this prank from a Japanese game show! They strapped a guy into a bed that launches him 150 FEET INTO THE AIR!

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